True Life: I Peed in the Shower

Shhh...I peed in the shower.

Don't tell anyone.

And don't stop reading my blog. I'm just being honest.

I don't even remember how it came up, but V one day was talking about how he pees in the shower. I told him it was absolutely disgusting and that he better not do it in any shower I use.

Over the past few weeks, I used Pickel's facebook as a means for polling to see how many people do it. Being my naive self, I told V I bet it was highly uncommon. Especially because the few people (2 of my cousins and a couple of their friends) I did ask, about half of them said "no way" and the other half said "not on a regular basis, but I HAVE."

Honestly, I was baffled at the response on the little Pickel facebook poll. At least a dozen people said something to the effect of "who doesn't?!"

I'm not lying when I say I never had, until Thursday at about 9:30am when I was showering. It was shave day, too - which meant extra long shower. Underarms, legs, unmentionables. I was almost done - until I couldn't take it any longer. My 2 prior cups of coffee needed to come out - I didn't have a choice.

At first I was trying to hold it in, just so V wouldn't be able to say "I told you so!" But I couldn't do. I just couldn't. I tried so hard, too.

I was trying to figure out - what should I do? I have got to squat or else it'd get all over my legs. (Sorry for the vividness of this! Haha!)

So, squatting I did. 

Ah. Sweet release.

It was like I was a pro at it.

And, I felt so much better. (Except for the fact that once again, V wins! Not cool...just once, I want to win.)

Let's have I on my own? Or do you ladies pee in the shower too?

Have a fantastic and safe weekend you beautiful ladies! 


P.S. I think when I get 100 followers, I'll do something fun! Should I try to figure out how to do some sort of giveaway? Or should I start my own blog hop?! Ideas? :o)

Speaking of followers, I'm so thankful for you all!



  1. I once saw a Brazillian video that told kids to pee in the shower because it is better for the environment. So really, you were just helping the Earth this morning. NBD.

  2. Hi! New Follower from the blog hop. Would love a follow back. Best Regards! :)

  3. Oh Cami,
    That story cracked me up! Have a beautiful weekend, my friend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  4. HAHA-- Thanks for sharing this story!! :) I have the same 'secret'. :)

    This N That with Olivia

  5. Over from Follow On Friday! Love your blog! This story makes me laugh!
    I am a new follower!

    Also, a link up could be cool! I had thought of starting one myself someday!

  6. You are just seriously funny!!! I'd never heard of this phenomenon either until my nephew went to military college - he said they gave them 5 minutes to shower, start to finish. I asked how he saved time, and one of the ways was to pee in the shower!!! Anyway, I'm your newest GFC follower and would love a follow back.


  7. Shhh ... isn't this something we aren't supposed to talk about?! But I think everyone shares the same secret!

    AND - goodness, how do you have SO MANY followers already?!?! I'm in awe and a little jealous!!! :)

    LOVE YA!!!! <3 <3


  8. haha you're funny. But seriously, who doesn't do this?

    Coley at

  9. first of all, i think everybody does this ... LOL.

    Your Newest follower via GFC! Found you on a Friday Blog hop. I would love it if you came and checked out my blog {& giveaways while you're there!} and follow back as well!

    Cassondra / Mama's Passions

  10. Following you from the Bee Friendly Friday hop :)

    Interesting topic here... LOL. I must confess that it's something I do on a regular basis--not every day, but quite often. I know, yikes!

    And like the chickensheet mom that I am, when it comes to my daughter though, I told her it's a no-no. If she really can't hold it, then she needs to squat near the drain before she pees. Little did she know that Mommy does it all the time (ssshhh).

    Hope you'll visit my blog and like it enough to follow back :)

  11. You are too funny!!! :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  12. Hmm...I'm not saying either way, but I'm sure LOTS of people have done it haha!

    Thanks for the sweet comments about my baby girl's pictures. She would LOVE to model. LOL I'm going to email you now.

    I'm following too! Follow back if you like.


  13. This was hilarious. I'm guilty...I have peed in the shower before. I've even caught my 2-year old son doing it. LOL.

    You should host a blog hop when you reach 100 folllowers! I'm a new follower from the blog hop.

  14. If you're interested in doing a giveaway, let me know. I have a business and would love to be a part of it. :-)

    (Check it out in the right side bar of my blog!)


  15. Haha, thanks for sharing this post. I have peed in the shower, not on a regular basis but it happens sometimes. I though do not squat because it usually happens before I body wash my whole body. (detail-y I know!) haha So "high five" on joining the club. lol

    Hope you're keeping cool!

  16. Love this post, cracked me up! :) Happy Weekend!

  17. LOL! Too funny. Hi! Just stopping by. Following you from Follow Me Friday Blog Hop. Would love a visit and a follow back on my blog: We are having a fantastic iPad 2 giveaway and I hope you will enter if you haven’t already! Thanks!

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    Hope you have an amazing weekend!

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  19. hahaha that is so funny. Honesty is never boring, that's for sure! Thank you for following my blog too. You are so close to 100 followers, you must be so excited :) Congrats on both almost 100 followers and peeing for the first time in the shower! :) haha

  20. LOL!! UM, I can't say I never have, but it's been a looooong time since. Grosses me out. I always go before I get in the shower. Plus I have 4 kids who shower in my shower, and I KNOW they sit on that shower floor. Ugh, that would be bad.
    More power to ya though! =)
    New follower from the hop! =) Please follow back!

  21. Don't tell no one but I peed in the shower too. I thought everyone does that! lol
    New follower from the blog hop. Please come follow me back

  22. Hahaha, this is so great - love this post!
    I've had a couple of these moments...don't tell don't tell! These are the days when I remember to use that Tilex Clean Shower spary. :)

  23. Okay, I will admit it. I have peed in the shower. Not often but I have.

    New GFC follower-kport207 from the hop. Would love for you to come visit my blog and follow back. I have lots of giveaways going on all the time.

  24. I think it is just fine to pee in the shower. It all washes down the drain and why make the toilet seat wet by getting out of the shower and then back in?
    Enjoyed your post.

  25. I have to say...I'm so glad to have found this blog...muahahahaha


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