Who has it for their blog??

If you have it - what purpose does it serve? I'm in the stages of trying to figure out if it's necessary/worthwhile to have a Facebook fan page or a Twitter account or a Youtube.

I don't see what the use of it? Are there some things you facebook but don't write about in your blog? If you have one - can you do without the other?

I'm a little hesitant to start any of them - with the worry that I won't keep up with it - keeping up with my blog + e-mails associated with it, at times, is work in itself! 

I would appreciate and love your feedback!!

Hope you are having a fantastic and blessed weekend so far!




  1. I have a FB page and a twitter accounr associated with my blog ... I don't know if its necessary or not ... I don't know how much more traffic I get because of it (especially the FB page) BUT I do use twitter to participate in #commenthour which is awesome and I have found new blogs through it! :-)

  2. i just recently got a fb and twitter for my blog, so i'm not sure if it's worth it yet. i think it's got me a little more traffic, but i agree that it can just seem like work. i'd start with twitter first. it's quick and easy!

    Sam @ fitness food & faith

  3. I don't have it associated with my blog i really don't see the point. The only thing that it does for facebook is it lets your friends read it without making a blog.
    But me personally i like just having the blog seperate from twitter facebook. etc etc
    oh and btw LOVE YOUR BLOGS

  4. Caught you on Relax and Surf Sunday, like your blog and followed!

  5. I have a FB for my real life that has a link to my blog but I don't ever post anything blog related on FB. I refuse to tweet but then, I'm not trying to accomplish much with my blog other than it being a public online journal and whoever feels like reading along, feel free.
    I might think differently if I had an online shop or were trying to pimp myself out for something in particular.
    Stopping by from Say Hi Sunday btw.

  6. I use my personal Twitter for my blog account to promote my blog. I don't think I would have time to keep up my personal account and a blog account. Unless you're trying to blog anonymously, I don't really see the point in having 2 Twitter profiles. I've been thinking about creating a Facebook page once I build up a few more followers. I feature particularly good posts on my personal Facebook page for now.

  7. I personally dont have a facebook fan page for my blog, or a twitter or a youtube. But I'm guessing some people have it so they can get closer to their blog followers, I guess it makes some sense to me!! Where in FL are you from?

    Dont forget to pass by my blog, and enter to win a coach wristlet!!

  8. I have it all and wish I didn't, haha. I am boycotting the personal side of FB and just use the fanpage -mainly to promote new blog posts or things from my etsy shop. I have twitter too... and all I do there is spam people! I have the blog fed automatically to tweet new posts.

  9. i don't have any other supplements to my blog - partly because i don't have many followers, but mostly because i don't really see a use for it.

    i don't actually go to the facebook/twitter/youtube/etc. of any other bloggers - i just like reading the posts on blogspot!

  10. here is my take. I have had a facebook account for years, but it is for family and friends. When I started blogging I appreciated how some blogs were able to post to FB and i didn't have to always go chasing down blogs for their latest info. So I started a FB page and it has worked out for the most part. I have a twitter account for the blog and FB page that is used to update my page, enter contests, go to twitter parties. And I have a personal account to keep up with friends.
    New follower from the Managing Monday Social hop

  11. I have a twitter account and I use it a fair bit, it can be quite addictive :)
    I don't have a facebook page though, I thought about setting one up but I have a personal facebook account that I hardly ever use so I don't think it is something I want to start up!

  12. Hi! We have not yet done a Facebook page...it's just so hard to keep up with everything else. The only reason we would start one right now is if we really wanted to "Like" a bunch of fellow bloggers and didn't want to use our personal accounts. We use You Tube but it goes with what we wanted for our blog. And Twitter has been great just to interact with our current readers and we've made so many new friends from it as well. it's great to get your blog post out quickly. A lot of us follow so many bloggers that we think Twitter helps.

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  13. Oh, Granny (me) has all of them and linked them to try to pimp out my blog and my station. Have FB because I play Mafia Wars. Still trying to "get with" and use Twitter effectively.

    You have a great blog and am happy to be a new follower.


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