Hopefully I'm PMSing - either that or I'm just going crazy.

First off - you notice that you tend to get moody and maybe a little rude around that lovely time of the month. You know the icing on the cake, though? When your significant other asks you if you are on your period. My normal side of me says it's because he just wants to make sure since usually, I'm a pretty sweet gal. My crazy Aunt Flo side of me says that he's just being a Big. Fat. Jerk. (See where my crazy side is coming from? Absolutely no where!)

And then people at work? There's a percentage of the population who are just plain rude. I think they all come out to play a certain time of the month...
     Me: in the middle of talking with a new member, mid sentence...
     Rude guy: comes to the door, starts babbling something...what? I don't know - I'm in the middle of talking for goodness sakes!
      Me: "I'm sorry, I'll be with you as soon as I'm done with them."
      Rude guy: "I was just telling you that you left your keys to the machine up from...I don't really care if you left them out." and walks off.
      Me: -mouth drops- OH...ok, buddy. Thanks for being a grade A jerk!

You can't forget about all the little things that make you cry - a lot. Last night, V showed me a video of one of the Navy Seal's funerals (RIP - God Bless) who were recently taken down in that helicopter. At the funeral was the man's dog. This beautiful creature (why don't you just kill me now - a dog like my sweet precious Shelby) was at the funeral - laying at his master's casket. Oh. My Goodness. I lost it. Of course, V started smirking and then apologizing for ruining my night - he didn't want me to cry - just thought it was so cool. YEAH, it is too cool AND FREAKING SAD that the poor dog has to go through that.  
Heart breaking, right??!

I was reading a blog post last night about "fluff" blogs. This irked me for some reason. (Maybe I'll be able to find something today that doesn't irk me..haha!) From what I got out of it - a fluff blog is all daisies and rainbows. Please tell me why you would want to have a blog that complains about everything, curses every two seconds, nothing is good enough - everything just plain sucks and people are crazy. Shouldn't we be appreciating those small things in life and share it with others so that it off-sets the negative in life??? (I know this post is not one of those...but, I need to get it out before I explode...and you all know, this isn't a normal occurrence for me! At all.)

I wish there was a pill that took away this PMS moodiness and emotions. Midol supposedly does that - I think?? But it has so much caffeine in it, I don't want to take it.

Enough Negative Nancy for today - hope you all have a fantastic Friday. If you're on the East Coast and being affected by Irene - please be safe! Us Florida folks were supposed to get the brunt of it and now we aren't getting anything except a lot of wind and rain. Praying for all you Northern ladies (and gents if there are any!) who aren't used to hurricanes. <3

Also - if you are reading my blog for the first time - usually I'm not like this...promise. :)



  1. I am SO with you today! I went on a tirade yesterday against people who can't seem to follow rules. It was bad. I also cried over stupid stuff last night and was irritated at Vance for no reason. It was ridiculous and out of character for me. Then, to add to the moodiness, I realized that if I feel this way, that means my period must be quickly approaching and if that is the case, that means I'm not pregnant...again. So far no period, but I seem to be having PMS (add to the moodiness extreme fatigue, irritability, slight bloating, etc.) Sigh.

    I hope BOTH of our weekends go better than our PMS drama!

    <3 you!


  2. OH and I also got irritated by all the people up North who were whining about being scared of the hurricane. Al I could think is "What wusses. If it even makes it that far, it will be a lower category hurricane or a tropical storm. OOOO rain...scary." Then I realized, they don't get hurricanes up there like we do down here in NC (I am seriously worried about our Outerbanks.) I was certainly lacking compassion yesterday. I even feel the urge to lack it today, but I am fighting against that nature with everything I've got. Satan (or PMS??) will not win!!


  3. aw girl, I hope your day/week gets better! I am a new visitor and am following your blog now! yay!



    I had one of those days yesterday... only not with the excuse of PMS! ;)

  5. Oh my, I can totally relate with you. The slightest things have been setting me off this week. Like the other night my husband used the big skillet to make something. I specifically asked him to clean it when he was done. I got home from work yesterday and got some things out to make dinner. Well guess what was laying in the sink? The dirty skillet. So my PMSing self threw everything back in the freezer and told my honey that he could make dinner himself. Lucky for me, he understands my PMS moods :)

    Here's to a weekend of relaxation!


  6. OMG that picture is the saddest thing ever!! Thanks for showing us!! lol
    I get so angry because when I'm being a bitch during my period. My husband thinks Using the fact that I'm pmsing is just an excuse! Jerk! hehe

  7. :( hope you feel better!! A friend sent me an email on that and it was so sad! Started crying at work!

  8. I get way too irritated when it comes time for PMS for's really bad. But it's important to remember the good things we have in life. Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Hi! Following via google from the Alexa Hop. Great blog. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Heather W.
    Mom Said That's It!

  10. I agree - I think a fluff blog is a nice read every one and awhile.
    Following you from Freaky Friday. Hope you will check us out at
    Cathy and Becca

  11. Don't feel bad you are not alone. I'm pretty scary pmsing myself. :/

    Also I didn't see the article about fluff posts, but that would irritate me also.

  12. I think I am PMSing too. And people up here have been so nasty with the upcoming Irene. I am just done today! I think I'll have a drink :)
    Thanks for your comment. You are so sweet!

  13. I watched the story about the dog on the news it made me feel so sad for the dog :( my dad always says dogs are angels..whats dog spelt backwards: god!

    By the way everyone needs to vent sometimes. Hope your weekend is so much better!!!


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