Thankful Thursday, 8.11.11

My oh my, what a week!

Hope you all have been having an absolutely fantastic week! Anything exciting happen?

I am thankful for so much...

My first sauce!
  It came out pretty good, too!

Random card from V :)
Made my heart melt - especially what he hand wrote :)

Little dog that came with my card :)
His cheeks light up & says "I wuv you...woof woof!"

-The healing -in the name of Jesus- of breast cancer from Mrs. Lane (she has surgery today - so keep her in your prayers!)

-150 followers (woohoo!)



  1. love these and the little cute. Praying for Mrs. Lane...have a great day out there...

  2. I made fettucine alfredo yesterday but now my 12 year old informs me he would rather have spaghetti. I could use some of that sauce. :) Sending best wishes and blessings to you, and Mrs. Lane -- Tammy

  3. Great list of thanks...and wonderful simple pleasures

  4. 150!! WOO!!! Congrats girl!!

    Mmm that sauce looks yummy! And sweet cards are so nice to get :)

  5. Your posts seem to be making me hungry lately... :)

    Prayers sent for you! I hope everything goes well with her surgery!

    ...and random cards are the best! :) Hats off to him!

  6. Thanks for linking up to Simple Pleasures, Cami. Great ones.

    P.S. I didn't see a link back to the party, but I've added one here.

  7. That is wonderful that Jesus healed your friend! God is so good.

    Thank you for linking up. I will be having the link up on Tuesdays for now on.


  8. Great list - and keeping your friend in my thoughts.


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