Never Forget

It's so so hard to comprehend that 10 years ago, the tragedy of 9/11 happened. I still remember it like it was yesterday - I was in my Biology Honors was time for the "morning announcements." We turned it on the wrong tv station (by accident) and saw the second plane hitting the trade center. We didn't know what was going on - was it real? Was it a tv show? We really thought, at first, that it was just some show that was on.

One of the teachers from a neighboring classroom ran in - saying, "did you just see that??!" And then the rest is history... It was such a bizarre day. There were so many peers (like myself) who had family in New York...of course, none of the phone calls were going through. I think, that day, we were in lock down. It was honestly such a blur of a day - I don't remember much. 

My heart goes out to all of the lost, all of those who had someone leave them too soon - for such an unfair reason. My heart goes out to all of the firefighters, EMT, people helping, etc. that now have those memories imprinted in their brain.

"Never forget" is what we so often hear. No one will ever forget what happened - especially how it made them feel, who they were with, where they were, etc. when it happened. That is one memory that will never be erased.

Praying for all involved. Especially all of you who might have been some how affected. 

God Bless the USA. <3    


  1. 9/11 changed the world. I am from Jamaica but I can remember everything I saw on television that day. I have also written a post about it on my Blog. I pray that those who lost loved ones will be comforted. Take care and have a good week.

  2. That would have been so crazy to see the second plane hit....crazy, scary, and terrifying. Thanks for sharing your story. God Bless.

  3. Great Post! We should Never Forget this tragedy! I also felt led to write a post on my 9/11 remembrances this weekend! I am still trying to catch up with my Friday Blog Hops! LOL... Please follow back @ and/or on facebook @

  4. definitely a moment in time we will never forget!

  5. I was in 10th grade honors English. The teacher next door came in with a horrified look on his face and asked Mrs. D. to turn on the tv. We were in shock. We then saw the 2nd plane smash into the second building. Everyone gasped. The school went into lockdown mode. Not too long after that, we were released to the commons area. We all semi-freaked out. LOTS of phone calls were made. We found out the pentagon had been hit. LOTS of people freaked out because of loved ones who worked there. My mom's good friend growing up works for the justice department, so she doesn't work IN the pentagon. Her husband does, though. In the wing that was hit. Thankfully, he wasn't in the office yet, due to an appointment. I remember people picking their kids up from school, but my parents felt it was best that we stay there. My sister, Kristin, who was in 9th grade, wanted to go home, but we both knew we needed to stay because we had honors classes and missing classes really could put you behind. I honestly don't think we learned anything that day. Like you said, I don't remember much about it because it was such a blur.

    On a different note, my church had this awesome 9/11 remembrance service today. We recognized all firefighters, emts, police officers, nurses, doctors, etc...basically all first responders. We also recognized military men and women. Our choir sang "There She Stands" by Michael W. Smith. We sang the national anthem and God Bless America. It was truly an inspirational and moving service. Tears were shed, but there was a lot of rejoicing, too. God has taken care of us ad will continue to do so, no matter what kind of evil penetrates our borders. :-)


    P.S. Here's the link tot he music video for "There She Stands."

  6. ...and God Bless every other nation who also lost a loved one.
    United we stand.

  7. Cami, your touching story of your memory of 9-11 was pulling my heartstrings. I watched the whole thing unfold when I was watching the today show in the morning. It was hard to believe and the tragedy of it all will always be remembered. I too pray for all those who were left behind to grieve the loss of their loved ones.

    Amen, to God Bless America.
    Blessings, Jeanne


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