Alone time...


Haha. Just kidding!

Alone time does take getting used to, though...when you are used to being around people at home. Or at least having a pet! I do enjoy alone time...don't get me wrong. It's just...different. (Not to say I never have alone time...that's not the case at all - but for an extended period of time.)

I took V to the airport yesterday (sigh!) He's going to Massachusetts for a few weeks to visit family. He can work from where ever he is - he just needs internet! One day I will be like that, too. I am excited for that day! It's weird being home without him. Home is where the heart is...right? ;)

Do you get excited when your significant other goes on vacation or business for a little while...or do you dislike it?

I think I'm just a big baby. I would be perfectly fine - I just want a dog or cat with all times. Haha! :)

Ok, ok, I just want to clarify that I do love myself and love being with myself...I just take a little while to deal with change. That is something I am working on - to just go with the flow and not have "adjustment time" to deal with new changes.

May God rock your world today!


  1. It doesn't bother me at all, being alone ... although I do start to miss M if he's gone too long!!! :-)

  2. I can relate! I tend to need that adjustment time too when there is some serious change going on. I like alone time. It's needed but the Saturday mornings I spend alone while my husband is at work is enough for me :)

    Happy Tuesday, Cami!

    -Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

  3. It used to bother me being alone. My husband is on second shift, so I spend most afternoons/evenings alone. This has taught me to appreciate my time alone and to get my me-time in. I have a dog and she is great company. I feel that having a pet really helps with this.

    You'll adjust, it definitely takes time. Just use the time wisely and keep busy and you'll be adjusted in no time! :)

  4. Awww :)
    I like being alone but yeah it does take some time getting used to !!

  5. You're not a big baby and there's nothing wrong with you wanting to spend all of your time with V! I really miss my hubs while he's at work. I can't help it. He misses me, too. Last night, I went out to dinner with my youngest sister, Hannah, our mom, and mom's best friend, our pseudo aunt, Becky. We met for dinner at 630 and Vance had to work til 6, so I didn't see him until almost 9pm when my mom dropped me off at home. It felt like eternity! I will say, I miss him less when I'm busy, so I suggest you stay busy, even if it's just a self-induced project!

    AAAAnd you can always talk to me! :-D



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