I find that when I'm having a tough any facet of my soon as I start thanking the Lord for what I'm thankful for, my attitude changes...

-I can afford the two new tires I need. Thank you, Jesus.
-I have enough food in my fridge even though I haven't had an appetite recently...the food is there.
-Even though my man is up north, he still thinks of me and reminds me of that.
-Having friends who come to you because they want YOUR advice...warms my heart.
-Having friends to GO to when I need amazing.
-Having beautiful weather on Saturday - have an outside event for Baby Pickel! Can't wait!
-Having a "girls night" on Friday...just what the doctor ordered, for both of us!
-Having flowers that have lasted at least 2 weeks...makes me smile every time I look at them!
-Being asked out...I'm not looking...but sure makes you feel good about yourself!
-The abundance of free lancing opportunities God is blessing me with.
-The opportunity to work on a website's excited!
-Vin's cutie pie little sister getting her driver's excited for her!
-Absence makes the heart grow fonder...and a little crazy. ;)
-Being able to enjoy "alone time" and loving it!
-2 more followers until 300...WOW!! I am so blessed!

Thank you Jesus for my journey. <3



  1. I agree 100% with your thoughts... sometimes I get down and I love doing the Thankful thursday post. Sometimes it is silly like mine today about zombies but no matter what it makes me slow down and realize while some things are yuck.. so many other are good

  2. Love Thankful Thursday. What a great list!

  3. It's always good to see someone with a thankful attitude. I'm happy for you that you are so blessed!

  4. This is a great way to lift your spirits. We all have so much to be thankful for.

    So happy to see you keeping on the bright side. You are truly an encouragement to others. :)

  5. I love this! I need to do one to read in the mornings!

  6. I hope you get those two followers, oh wait, I can help with that *wink* Happy Thursday!

  7. One more follower! ;-)

    I am thankful for you, dearest! :-)

    <3 you!


  8. Great post, great idea and thank God, lots of great things to be thankful for! Perspective is SO important.


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