Scrubs, Scrubs, Scrubs!

As most of you know, I work at a gym. That means a see a whole lot of people - all shapes, all sizes, all colors. Most of all, I see people wearing all KINDS of outfits. Not only do I see people wearing whatever it is they decide to wear while they workout, but also people come in on a consistent basis to learn more about the facility. There are also people who come in just to tan.

Would you believe that this particular lady who comes in to tan is in the nursing field? She is always in her burnt orange scrubs.

As someone in the medical field, it surprises me that she tans regularly. (That's a whole different story though, isn't it?) As you can tell, I'm not a big fan of tanning. I personally do not think it's very healthy - especially on a regular, consistent basis. (To each their own!) I only give my two cents if someone asks for it.

ANYWHO - these scrubs this lady was wearing were just TOO neat. I'd never seen anything like that. She said she ordered them online from:

This might make a great gift for someone in the medical field. I think I might get some for my cousin who draws blood at a local hospital.

Have you ladies started Christmas shopping yet? I haven't...I should...but not yet! Ick. It's all so overwhelming! I never write out a list - I should. It would make things easier...


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  1. I haven't started shopping yet either, I felt the pressure yesterday when I saw a couple people saying they were already done!!


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