Shhh Sunday (1)

I keep promising the lovely Nessa at Life's Journeys & Traveling I'd link I finally am!

Now just to think of a secret to share... ;)

I miss eating bread regularly. I try not to eat it since it's not the healthiest (I know, all about moderation!) but I really do miss it.
I can't watch someone makes me cry.
I'm horrible at sports. SO HORRIBLE. Even darts. I just plain suck.
I don't like being near people who are smoking cigarettes. It irritates my eyes and makes me cough. (And I just think it's offense.)
When I have my own children, they won't be anywhere near smoke. 
Eating healthy is not only boring but time consuming.

Hope you all had a blessed weekend - a fun one, too! <3



  1. I'm so horrible with carbs. Is that an issue for you? How do you cope?

    I'm horribly uncoordinated and therefore suck at sports also. :/

  2. Hi Cami,
    Your list is adorable! And I don't eat bread either! I'm on low-carb and can't! lol


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