Thankful Thursday 11.17.11

God is good...all of the time!

Look around at your life - how beautiful is it? Of course there will be struggles and some things that you wish would be better. Tomorrow is a new day - tomorrow will be better!

I am thankful for...
it being my parent's 26th anniversary today...happy anniversary to you! Love you both very much!
my health. God is MY Healer.
I am learning how to be quick with my mind and slow to speak, more and more. With issues I am faced with, I have learned to be sure the other party knows how much I love them and care about them.
God will always provide another door...another window. It will be in HIS time...but it IS coming.
the fact that I can drink my morning coffee on the beach or looking at it from a nice comfy chair.
that we have found a new church to go to and serve at. :)
another photo gig - to take family portrait photos - this weekend! So excited about it!
making a delicious spinach quiche for breakfast and protein cookie dough bites for desert. YUM!
the delicious vanilla candle that I can smell...right now!
being financially blessed!
have the ability, through a benefit walk Baby Pickel is hosting, to feed the hungry!
being told on a daily basis how pretty or beautiful I look. (Thanks, babe!)
being able to watch a friend's little girl and my goddaughter grow...right before my eyes. So precious.
adding new sea shells to my shell collections every day!
Thanksgiving is so close...that means baking, cooking, family time, board games...can't wait!

You ALL are such a blessing to me, too! <3

P.S. If you're a mommy - I need you're help. Shoot me an e-mail...please! :)


  1. Very inspirational Cami! Heartiest Congratulations to your parents on their 26th anniversary and I wish them many more happy anniversaries. Life has its ups and downs, but you are so right if we reflect there are so many things to be grateful for. I can just imagine how beautiful your collection of shells is. Some years ago I saw a huge display of shells at a hotel in Jamaica and it was so beautiful. Take care and have a good Thursday.

  2. I enjoyed your thankful list. May God bless your parents on their anniversary, and always.

  3. God will always provide another door...another window. It will be in HIS time...but it IS coming.

    Amen amen amen!!!!! You know what the hubs and I are going through with TTC and this reminder was greatly needed today! Thank you!

    Happy 26th to your parents! My parents celebrated their 26th back in July! It's such a legacy they're setting up for us! 26 years together is a BIG deal for their generation...and it will especially be for our generation! :-)


  4. What wonderful thanks and what a wonderful testimony your awesome parents are! God is good, all the time!

  5. So glad to have you today over at THANKFUL THURSDAY! Loved your list of thanks! What great blessings!

  6. Beautiful list, as always!

    Happy Anniversary to your parents! :)

    Please be in prayer for us, we will be looking for a new church to attend soon.

  7. Yes, I take a lot of photos - especially family. I've only done one SMALL wedding. I was taking pics at another wedding and sent them the photos and they ordered some which was a super surprise blessing. A lot of my photos are on flickr. My daughter use to be there web designer and got me started. I take a LOT of wildlife and landscape photos. Thank you for visiting... Lovely to "meet" you! God Bless :)

  8. hey Cami....what a great list. Your post shouts of your joy in the journey....and that joy ripples through cyberspace to all of us. That is so cool.

  9. I'm visiting from Thankful Thursday. What a wonderful gratitude list! You indeed have many blessings! Congrats to your parents- may they be blessed with many many more years together.

  10. Your post bubbles with your personality. Thanks for sharing it.

  11. Your comment absolutely made my night tonight! Thank you. I loved my time at the Women of Faith conference! Have a great evening!

  12. love your list.. has inspired me to make mine too..came over from Friendly Friday and a new follower too..


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