Thursday, Thursday, Thursday!

Thankful Thursday is seriously my favorite day of the week. I mean, I thank God on a daily basis for all that I am blessed with! I love sharing it with you, though!

Thank you Jesus for...

-only one more day until I can move to the beach! (If it wasn't for work, I'd be there today...but oh well - makes me want it even more, I guess?)

-finding an awesome "manly" comforter over the weekend - can't wait to show pictures!

-old fashioned sleepovers - chick flicks and all! yes, I am in my mid-20s and still love that!

-a darling gal buying from my eTsy shop and sending me a picture of her wearing the jewelry! 

-receiving a beautiful love poem/song when I first wake up in the morning (I wouldn't mind if this happened all of the time...just sayin!) 

-family time

-snuggle time with parent's puppy

-finally getting a good night's sleep! 

-feeling whole again :)




  1. I am thankful for my exam going so well the other day. (I got your email, but it might be easier if you just read my blog entry for today!)

    I am thankful for the two jobs that I have.

    I am thankful for my amazing husband.

    I am thankful for spending part of my week with Max, the 16.5 month old I nanny for.

    I am thankful for the space heater we have since our heater isn't working and Piedmont Natural Gas can't come over until Monday to look at it.

    I am thankful for my family.

    I am thankful for my doggies.

    I am thankful for my Sunday school class.

    I am thankful for you!


  2. I'm a mid-20s-slumber-party-lovin' girl myself! :)

    What a wonderful list! (You're moving to the beach?! Color me JEALOUS!) ;)

  3. got to agree with you Cami...thursday is the best cause it gets me to own the stuff I'm thankful for....I love your list...the manly comforter..the sleep over but mostly...the beach. I wanna go to the beach too. ☺☺

  4. Your list makes me happy, just reading it. There is a certain peace about it that is underneath the words. Perhaps it is that wholeness you are feeling.

    Glad to meet you!

    If you would like to visit my Thankful Thursday post (my second ever) visit here!

  5. <3 your list! :)

    I still love sleepovers too!

    Hope everything goes smoothly with the move! :)

  6. Love all of them so many wonderful things to be thankful for!

  7. Hi Cami, I'm thankful to visit such a lovely person as you. I admire your wonderful thankful positive attitude.

    I too am thankful for all our Lord as given me. My love of family and friends and my many blessings each day.

    Have a wonderful weekend my sweet friend.
    XO, Jeanne


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