Time to gooooo...

Seriously. Family drama is just nonsense. I won't get into it because my Blog Family would probably go kill someone for me. ;) Haha. Seriously though - love you guys! You're always so full of support and love.

With real family, though - drama is always going to follow and be there. Feelings are going to get hurt. People are going to say things they don't mean.

It saddens me, though. Why do people have to say things they don't mean? Just because you're family, doesn't give you a right to just be plain rude and mean. No right - at all.

I really just want to go somewhere. Just hop on a plane and go somewhere. Just to de-stress. (And of course, because traveling is amazing!)

I know I need to stop talking about it, and be about it! I know God will bless me with the finances necessary to do so - soon, too.

I looked at some flights to Malta - I've heard so many wonderful things about Malta.

Especially how gorgeous it is! Goodness gracious. What I wouldn't give to be there - right now. Look at how much history there is, too!

V has some clients based out of Malta and they adore it. Why wouldn't they?? (Especially because it is pretty close to Italy...woohoo!!)

If I start giving some history of cities I potentially want to go to, would you read it and appreciate it? Let me know! I would love to get a series of posts going - maybe once a week? 



  1. I'm so sorry for all that's going on. Is it one of the things you recently told me about it or is it even more? Regardless, I'm praying for you. I hope your Thanksgiving is lovely! Love you!


  2. P.S. You're always welcome to road trip it up to NC. You have a friend and a place to stay if you ever do! ;-)

  3. I'm sorry to read about the family drama. I've been dealing with some of that myself. Praying for you. <3

    Malta looks amazing! I would love to read your history/travel posts. I love both subjects, so I'm sure it will be a fun read (and write!)

  4. Drama is so unnecessary. Hope you can put in the back of your mind and enjoy the holidays. :)

  5. I've been yanked into the middle of family drama recently and it's awful! So so dumb. =(

    I love traveling!! And learning about places all over the world that I'd love to travel to someday.


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