Christmas Traditions?

When did your family Christmas traditions shifts a little?

Traditions as far as when did you start sleeping in a little later and opening gifts later than the crack of dawn? Traditions such as those?

As I age and life moves on, it's a little tough to have these same holiday traditions. You want to start creating your own traditions.

Right now, I don't have to travel far to be home for the holidays. I live only about 15 minutes away from my parent's house. But I have a life - I work until 8pm at night. My mother, who has to be up by 5:30am for work, doesn't particularly want to bake for Christmas at 8:30pm at night.'s Christmas Eve night. What am I supposed to do? Stay there all night and spend the night. Or can I go home, sleep there, and then come back Christmas morning?

This is where things get hairy. I know what my parents want. (They want me to stay at their house - always!) I know they will be upset if I don't. And it's not that I don't want to. 

But when is it socially acceptable to go home? When I have my own kids?




  1. Girl! You are an adult! You do not live at home ... it is totally acceptable to do whatever YOU want whenever YOU want to ... you cannot worry about hurting your parents feelings ... if you want to be in your own place you have every right to!!!! xoxoxo

  2. do what you feel and what you want my dear.. i guess all aprents want to stay with their children to feel the christmas as family :)
    btw happy holidays!!!! xoxo, Haus of Gala

  3. My traditions changed last year, while working in retail... you have no life outside of the store you work for. They don't care if your family is 6+ hrs away. This will be the 2nd Christmas J and I spend away from our families. And to be honest it eats me up every time I think about it.

    But, for you... girl you're an adult. You do what you need to, wither your parents like it or not. They love you and always will no matter what decision you make. Sure they may be upset, but you need to do what you want to.

    <3 Merry Christmas Cami!

  4. The pressure/expectations of family especially parents is hard during this time once you don't live at home. I'm in the habit of doing what they want, especially when it come to my grandparents, because they're older, and I want them to have as many Christmases happy as they can.

  5. Merry Christmas Cami, From a parent's point of view, I think you should do what you want. You are an adult who takes care of yourself and you have the right to make decisions that reflect your wants and needs. For the sake of your parents feelings find a compromise that make you both happy. Buy a pie. Smile!!!

    Blessings and love to you and yours,


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