I Love My New Home

A lot.

Friday night there was "First Fridays" - which is a bunch of vendors in the park, along with a couple of bands playing. (By the time I got home from work Friday night, they were packing up...even though there was supposed to be an hour left. Nice.)

Saturday was the Christmas parade and "Bed Race" - local businesses decorated a bed on wheels to race around town. (Again, by the time I got home from work Saturday afternoon, they were doing awards for the Bed Race. Missed it all.)

Sunday, on the way to church, we noticed a corvette show. (Missed it. Didn't know they were having it.)

All the fun stuff, I miss because of work. Not cool.

BUT - on Saturday one thing in particular made up for it. (To me.)

V and I were walking around town, going to the local businesses that were open. There are some mighty cute "beach businesses" - cutesy jewelry, decorations, etc.

We went to a surf shop that was pretty neat. Neither of us surf, but we were still looking around.

As we were leaving, I noticed this little guy outside in the garden:

I was looking at it..looking at it..I told V I wonder if it's for sale because I'd love to give it to my dad for a Christmas gift. (He has a real cool garden in his back yard.) 

We went back inside to ask if it was for sale or just decoration. He said "Oh, man, it's just in my garden." So then I asked where he got it. He was pondering it for a while. Then he finally said "You know what, I think I got it from the Dollar store. Yep. That's where it was. But, it's seasonal." So I replied something like "Oh man. Oh well. Thanks for remembering!" He said "You know what, you can have it if you like it that much." I looked at V, out of shock...was thinking about it. V was like "Give him a couple of bucks for it."

Sully (my new surf shop owner friend!) said "No, no. I don't want your money." I took money out, handed it to him. "No, take it."

There are amazing people out there. Truly.

He went inside and bagged the turtle up for me. 

Not only will I spread his business' name around town BUT I will definitely go there to buy something - so will V.

People are so amazing...especially when their light shines through.

Mr. Turtle + I :)



  1. I see why that makes up for everything. Yay! for happy endings. :)

  2. That's great.. I love that there are still king people out there. Cool turtle, I'm sure your dad will love it.

  3. Cute little turtle! They do First Fridays where I live too, it's in a pretty hip downtown area and they open up all the art gallerys and boutiques and have DJs. It's very fun!

  4. What a unique looking turtle:) Don't you love it when we can prove there are nice people still out there?

  5. What a lovely heartwarming story and such a cute turtle:

    Just stopped by from the Tuesday Blog Trail. I’m following you now and hope you’ll stop by my blog sometime too! Have a lovely week.
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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