Thankful Thursday 12.1.11

Wow...I cannot believe it's already December! Can you?! Do any of you guys remember "Rabbit, Rabbit" day on Nickelodeon when you were a kid? (Makes me sound old...I'm really showing my age here..hehe!)

I am thankful for...
-the fact that when birds pooped on me yesterday, I wasn't alone...V + I shared in that "lovely" experience. EW!
-having a blast creating a Christmas gift for V (can't tell you what it is just in case V reads this!;) he already knows something is up since every time he'd come near my laptop the past couple of days, I'd close it. hehe
-have a lovely Christmas tree set up to enjoy :)
-having stray kitties outside to love on (I miss mine at my parent's house so much!)
-the holiday time - it means arts & crafts time for me!
-Christmas gift shopping. (ok, I am a little frustrated with many choices..not sure what to get! And shopping online is expensive when you tack on shipping. BOO. Any suggestions?)
-friends to lean on when times gets rough
-Bloggy love <3
-finally can wear boots & a least today!
-working out with my body builder friend...whips me into shape! I'm so sore & I love it!
-not having a tv in the living room - means V & I talk...a lot. No tv to watch instead. And when we have guests over - talking it is. It's fantastic :)
-my mom giving us a Nativity set and a couple other Christmas decorations
-feeling loved :)



  1. Oh I love Christmas gift shopping! I always go way over budget but I can't help myself. There are so many great things out there to get for the loved ones! 24 more shopping days :)

  2. Sounds lovely! (Except the poop.)

    I remember rabbit rabbit day on Nick! :-) We are similarly aged, so it makes sense!


  3. I cannot believe it's December already...ridiculous!! So many great things to be thankful for today, Cami!!! Have a wonderful day :)

  4. Oh no! At least you could laugh about it. ;)

    You should check out, for shopping online---you can get coupon codes to help off-set the cost of shipping. Sometimes places like Bath and Body Works (I'm obsessed with that place) have free shipping days from time to time. (You just have to keep your eyes out...if you like Bath and Body Works, you can sign up for their newsletter and they will alert you of those days!)

  5. Hi, new follower via Mingle with Us

  6. happy december!!
    oh no! not bird poop!! my best friend had that happen to her! i heard it's good luck! lol
    you have stray kitties. ahhh i love kitties. i feed stray kitties at the offices i clean...
    you know, as much as i love my tacky late night television shows, no tv sounds wonderful.
    sometimes it's nice to have no noise and just be in the quite or talk and relax together.
    hope you have a wonderful holiday season <3

  7. Love your gratitude list and I heard if a bird poos on means something good is going to happen.....Love your list and your awesome spirit

  8. We got rid of cable so we only watch netflix and whatever shows we download and watch. Its cut our tv watching down tremendously. Its good, I think.

  9. OMG Cami - I got my comments fixed - CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? :) I wanted to tell you that I have been pooped on by a bird too. Hilarious looking back on that now, but not so much at the time. It was in my hair too! Yuck! Have a great weekend!


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