Thankful Thursday 12.29.11

I am thankful for...

-the fact that it is finally chilly outside. YAY! Hopefully it'll last a few days. :)
-my new layout. It's almost complete - I think? Any thoughts about it?
-a wonderful holiday with my family. <3
-having Saturday AND Sunday off. Two days off in a row - two weeks in a row. Woohoo!
-Oh wait...I also have Monday off! A college friend is coming to visit me on Monday - I cannot wait! We haven't hung out in a good three years or so. I'm excited. Not sure yet what we're going to do...but either way, it'll be fun.
-My first crock pot recipe being a success - yummy!
-V enjoying my crock pot and wanting to do more!
-playing Mario on the Wii with my sister - and now she has I want to play it! :(
-I'm on book 2 of Hunger Games!
-HUGS :)
-my warm fuzzy socks my mom put in as a stocking comfy!
-homemade cookies members at work keep bringing in for me!
-all the wonderful gifts and cards my clients at work brought me for Christmas <3
-I am so blessed!  



  1. I like your new layout! I think it is the first I've seen with the two smaller columns on the side. I like it.

  2. New layout looks nice! I gotta try your crock pot recipe soon! :)

  3. Wonderful things to be thankful for :)

  4. Let me know how you like Hunger Games - It's first up on my list of 2012 books. I know I already told you, but I'm loving the new layout. I like the grey-ish background.

  5. Always good to look around with a thankful heart:)

    Found you on the Weekend Blog Hop and am now following on GFC and Twitter:)

  6. Crock pots are the best! I'm making an eggplant pasta sauce in mine tomorrow. I'm hoping it turns out well!

  7. Hi, thanks for your sweet comments for Ms. Redo :) Happy New Year to you. I really love the way you have a "purpose" for each day of your blogging ... my fave being Thankful Thursday. Do you think you should start a linky party titled "Thankful Thursday?" I know I'd join it every week, what an awesome reminder it would be to just stop and be grateful for everything we have/do/love. Well, I'm just wondering :)



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