January 20, 2012

Lady in the Red Dress

I adore new clothes. I really do.

Well - back up - I don't like the process...I don't like shopping much. I am fairly tall and petite - so to find clothes that fit and look good is an issue.

I was excited when I first heard about eShakti since the clothes are customized to your body sizes! So excited!

I sent over all my measurements for the perfect dress.

This is the dress...

It's cute, right? The material is...I'm not sure. It doesn't say it on the tag! But it's "swooshy." It's made in India, too. (When I receive the dress, it was right from India, too!)

It's a little long, isn't it? I feel like it kind of washes me out.

I would prefer it to look like this -

I think short looks better on me since I'm tall - what do you think?

Concerning eShakti, as a company, though - they are fabulous! Great communication, as a business!

P.S. Check out my super cute nails + design to match -


  1. I like it short! You should take it to a tailor and see if you can get it altered.

  2. Cute nails! Love that color on you, but I think you're right about the shorter length.

  3. Its cute either way ... But short it looks adorable! Take it to be hemmed! :) :)

  4. I like it shorter. Very pretty dress

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  5. i do like the dress short better! your nails look awesome!

  6. i like the dress short better! your nails look awesome!

  7. I agree, I think it looks better shorter. Love the nails!

  8. This is such a cute dress! The color is awesome and we agree with you that the shorter length is so much better for you. An easy fix for your alterations person. Have a great weekend!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  9. I like it both ways, but in general, I'm partial to longer skirts. However, you also have great legs, so I'd take it and get it hemmed and show those babies off! =)

  10. How cool!! I'll have to check this site out! Love your toe nail art!

  11. Love your nails & that dress! Both styles look great!

  12. e-Shakti is great, I just did a review for them too. I love the colour on you and it looks great shorter-show off your great legs! P.S. Super cute pedi :)

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  14. I like it long! And your nails are adorable!!


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