Tasty Tuesday - Breakfast Edition

Ladies, I am so sick and tired of eating eggs.

Eggs, eggs, eggs. That's what I've been having quite some time for breakfast. Healthy, I know. But boy do they get old!

I started eating oatmeal & putting some raisins in it, but that doesn't really keep me full for too long.

Last weekend when we went food shopping, we decided to try to get something new (for us)...

It tastes good...just nothing to it. I might as well drink some chocolate flavored water.

Heeeelp me before I go crazy, please :)


  1. You can get the Whey protein (vanilla by Jillian Michaels is really good) add yogurt and silk almond vanilla milk. It is really good and actually keeps you full enough since it has so much protein in it!

  2. I posted mine, before yours. So mine isn't breakfast related, but still a yummy lunch or dinner option.

    I agree with Lauren. The Jillian Michaels stuff is good. I usually take a cup of vanilla almond milk, a cup of strawberries, a a scoop of protein powder. You will need a blender or some kind of smoothie maker for this though.

    I also recommend 1 banana, 1 cup of almond milk, and a cup of peanut butter.

  3. I used to drink this ALL the time when I was a kid! Ahh, nostalgia. :)

  4. i buy that all the time.. and i love them! best breakfast and fast! i try to have a banana after it to keep feeling full.

  5. I'm with Lisa - if I go the instant breakfast route, with skim milk of course, then I have to pair it with a banana to make it stick with me until lunch.
    I'm a big fan of 1 cup of regular cheerios for breakfast. The taste can get a little bland, but they really last in your tummy.

  6. It's such a myth that oatmeal fills you up...it really doesn't lol.I've been eating french toast sticks lately.

  7. If I have oatmeal I usually have some fruit or yogurt with it and it fills me up longer. Other than that I usually have eggs once or twice a week, peanut butter toast, or bagels.

  8. I'm posting a smoothie recipe on my health blog today!!! :)


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