Authored by Greg Fletcher

Well, it’s hit the fan, as they say. My last day at work is going to be March 1, 2012. I’m not sure how we are going to pay the bills in April. I have a few things lined up, but I am honestly just praying that the good Lord continues to provide. I took a look at our budget tonight, looking for things we can get rid of to help cut costs. Obviously, the first to go is the “entertainment” budget. No more dinners out, no more movies out, etc. If we watch movies at home instead, we could save up to $50 a month, and if we ate dinner at home every night, we could save up to $250 a month. What else? I am racking my brain. I hate to get rid of our http://www.directstartv.com/, but I’m thinking that will probably need to go, as it is technically considered “entertainment.” We need our internet, though. Home phone? I think we need in case of emergencies. I know this is going to be an adjustment for our family, but we have no choice.


  1. Oh, boy! Sorry to hear. I lost my job (of 5 years) in June. I feel your pain. God is faithful. Hang on, it may be a bumpy ride but He will definitely be faithful.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that. You will get through, as God always provides. Keep us updated on how everything is going.

    A very easy way to cut back is cutting back how much electricity and water you use at home. H and I use minimal electricity, as we turn off all unnecessary lights and use mostly the light from the tv at night unless trying to read. Every little bit helps!

  3. cami, i am so so sorry to hear this news. i know that you are so strong and will get through this. you will remain in my prayers and i will be sending extra ones for you <3
    i know good things will come your way.
    i'll be thinking about you!!!
    so much love <3


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