Catch 22

Loans suck. Don't they?

I keep getting the question - "when are you going back to school?"

I have a Bachelor's degree right now in Psychology. Am I using my degree? No. Am I upset about that? Yes. Especially because of all of the loans I have!

I had the bright idea to go to a private university for my college education...not sure why. I wish someone would have warned me about all of these loans...I really would have. At least if I went to a public university and wasn't drowning in loans - I wouldn't feel so bad for not using my degree.

I have tried to get jobs in my field...I've been on interviews, I've talked to many people, I've networked. Maybe the timing isn't right? I have noticed that most companies are hiring internally when a position is available.

Very often I receive the advice - "you should get your Master's." Yes, I should. I would be most likely to obtain a better job.

But it's a catch 22. If I go back to get my Master's - I'll have more loans. Do I really want that? No. I completely understand that I'll be more likely to get a higher-paying job so I can pay off my loans faster...but it's a lot!

I've often thought about going to school in another country. I know a handful of people who have done that and have been able to get great scholarships or some Pay Day Loans UK that didn't have a high interest rate.

So here I am...the middle of my catch 22.

No matter what I do - I know God's got this. He is in control - not me. That's what gives me my sanity. :)

AND - being happy helps a whole lot, too!


  1. Ugh! I loathe student loans! What sucks is us being military, whenever I go somewhere else, I have to play catch up on their requirements. Therefore, accumulating more student loans. I know how you feel about the masters thing. Grad school is even more expensive. But the way I look at it is I'll be able to pay off those loans pretty quickly with not just a masters, but a doctorate as well! Wish you luck on this one, girly! Just stay positive and go with your intuition :)

  2. I'm drowning in my student loans as well, and I went to a state school. I forebeared them for so long that a ton of interest accrued, and now they're a lot higher than they should be.. blah!

    I know exactly how you feel, I'm not doing anything remotely close to what I went to school for, and when I try to go for a job I'd actually want I'm always looked over for not having the experience.

    Hang in there, you have a great attitude and you're right God is in control and the right job will come along in His perfect timing.

  3. Oh my gosh girl! I am with ya! I started working on my Masters and I am stopping after this semester because of the loans! I'm using my degree and the loans still stink! I went to a state school and I accrued quite a bit...but I keep telling myself it's worth it! :)

    Building a House of Love

  4. I'm in the same situation! Private University (psych minor) and I'm technically using my degree in Communications, but what I really do is much more marketing. I hate the loans! They're one of my biggest sources of worry.

  5. Yeah I am in a very similar situation... I am especially frustrated because 'entry level' doesn't mean entry level anymore. I see so many job postings that should be entry level that now require masters degrees and it is very frustrating.. When was it so necessary to have a masters? so i am definitely feeling the pressure as well and starting a new job that has absolutely nothing to do with annnnything i ever studied. it feels like a compromise - but i guess that's the world and job market we live in :/

  6. I'm with you sister! I have been hot and heavy on the search for a school to start my Masters program. However, it makes it harder every month when I have to pay the loans from my undergrad time. It's something that I've always wanted to do for myself though - I'm a school person - so I think I'm just going to do it. It will work itself out! Good luck to you!

  7. Don't you hate that?? I just wish someone had sat down with me and really talked with me about what I wanted to do with my life. Being a paralegal isn't it, I can assure you!! I'm working on getting certified to teach now and I'm really looking forward to getting in a classroom! But since I'm 32 years old and have zero teaching experience, it'll be tough to get my foot in the door. Anyways, it'll all work out. My husband finished his masters a few years ago and doesn't regret it a bit! Good luck!

  8. I put off going to graduate school for the same reason. I have my Bachelor's in Bio got a job in a lab and HATED my life. Unless I want to hate my life forever, I have to go to graduate school. I've also thought about going to school in another country- and still am. I definitely think it's the way to go! Hope things work out soon :) but hey, at least you have a job! LOL


  9. Sending you positive vibes and much luck and love in whatever decisions you make!
    You are so wonderful with people and relationships...I can tell! You'd make an amazing psychologist! :)
    You will be in my prayers!
    And if I ever find that money tree...I will share it with you :)

    Lots of love


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