Friendship Friday & Nail Files

I love making new bloggy friends - it makes me so happy!

I'm going to answer - Friendship Friday Question - What is your biggest blogging goal right now?
To really find my niche. I blog about a lot of different things - God, inspiration, life, nutrition, nail polish. What is my niche? I need to find it.

Speaking of nail polish - here is my pretty color I work.
Let me tell you, though. I used Seche Vite that you all raved about. Yeah, it didn't work. The next day - my nails chipped. Horribly. I didn't take a picture because I was so upset, I started peeling it. I'll try again and take pictures.

Thanks, Holly for this pretty color :)

Love pink!

Cute, right?

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Hope you have a lovely, amazing, special weekend <3
Go, Pats!


  1. Thanks for stopping by. I like your blog. Sometimes that's what makes one so interesting is blogging about lots of things.

  2. You had me at "...God, inspiration, life, nutrition, nail polish." Nail polish! I love that. You brought a smile to my day with your visit and now this post! I just wish i could find my way back to pretty nails and pedicures again, sigh. It seems so long ago. Love the color.

  3. Love that nail polish color! I got that for my pedicure before my last cruise.

    I'm surprised to hear you review about Seche Vite :0(

  4. Pretty nails! That color looks so great with your skin tone!

  5. Nice color. My polish is currently chipped. So, I'm now inspired to get my nails back on track. I wish I had that color at home! Beautiful!

    (Happy Friday! I'm a new follower!)

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  7. What a bummer about Seche Vite! I know we'd talked about that before and I was so ready to give it a shot! :(

    but that nail color is so pretty on you either way!!

  8. I love that color! Such a great pink!

  9. I love this color! I may have to get that when I'm ready to let go of the dark, winter colors!

  10. I have this same color - I wear it ALL THE TIME in the spring. Perfect spring color..or pre-spring as we are in that stage right now.

    I have been thinking about a niche for my blog too, but then again I like it being random and not limited to certain topics. Not sure what I will do, but good luck finding yours!

  11. Love that color of polish!

    I am hosting a giveaway on my blog this week! I am giving away a beautiful handmade bezel necklace! Check it out:

    Have an awesome weekend!!

    Sarah Lee Weaver

  12. I wish I had nice nails that show off nail polish well. I have always had these square-shaped lil' kids-looking nails that rarely grow and break easily. I don't know if its because I bit my nails as a kid, but my nails just seem weird (sigh). When I do paint them...its usually a light pink, beige, or cream color.

    thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Happy Friendship Friday.

    I am now a new Google Connect Friend.

  13. Welcome to Friendship Friday - I'm so glad you've found us and I hope you'll be a regular participant in our community! :-)

    I also blog about a lot of different things and that is perfectly fine! Here's a tip for you if blogging eclecticly is what brings you joy: find the common thread that ties it all together and consider that your niche! For me, it's creativity. Perhaps for you it's lifestyle - or today's woman - or whatever catches your heart. Having a niche makes it easier to focus but there are a lot of successful bloggers who blog on more than one topic!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  14. i LOVE OPI's strawberry looks great with a tan...which you have a nice one :)
    i also love OPI's far east is one me and my friends get often in the summer when we get pedicures!
    speaking of which, i am in desperate need of a pedicure lol
    i love making new bloggy friends's so refreshing to meet women who share the same feelings and can relate to one another!


  15. Ahh! Another pink I NEED TO HAVE RIGHT NOW!! Love it :)


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