Grizzly Men?

Do you like your men with beards or without?
Mr. Grizzly man...or nay?

I prefer them without. BUT - some do like very attractive with a slight beard. (I'm not talking cave-man thanks.) But a little stubble can be sexy. (Hello V!)

Ok, girlfriend...some more girliness for are my nails!
I actually had enough guts to do the whole one finger glitter thing...

Look familiar, Celia? ;)

Cute, right?
(Not my nail polishing ability...I know.)

I can pull it off, right?
The mini cupcakes were from our landlord!
Super cute & sweet...right? (Delicious, too!)

Congratulations to the winner of my 400 follower giveaway...stay tuned for another one VERY SOON!! :)

Thanks all for entering - you rock! ox

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  1. I used to think I didn't like guys with much facial hair, but then I met my boyfriend. Sometimes he goes full beard, which I secretly hated. But then one day I came home and he'd shaved it all off and his poor naked face just did not look right. I told him he's never allowed to do that again :)

  2. I'm definitely not big on the grizzly facial hair but I do like a little stubble! Love your nails. They pinks look awesome! I just did the glitter on one nail thing too, it's fun. Have a good weekend :)

  3. Of course you can pull off a glitter nail! :-) Your mani looks so fun! You know that we are totally obsessed with polishes so when in doubt ask think you know you will have glitter on all of your fingers. :-)
    And as far as the beard thing hubby is rocking a beard and I have to make sure that he keeps it trimmed because I can not handle a giant beard! HAHA!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  4. My husband is military, so he has to be clean shaven (normally). So when he has the opportunity to go with a beard, I find that I love the rugged look on him :) I don't like a big, full bushy beard, though :D

    Have a great weekend, Cami!!

  5. Pretty!
    As far as the grizzly faced man, NO! I'm with you a little stubble is sexy but not into the wooly cave man look.
    Happy Friday!

  6. The color is great! That was so sweet of your landlord!!!

  7. I constantly wish my husband would shave! He is nearing caveman status right now hahah!

  8. If you've ever seen pictures of my fiance, you KNOW i love the grizzly look! haha. When he shaves the beard I'm always dying for him to grow it back out! I just love how much manlier he looks with it :D

    and loooove the nail polish!

  9. Hi.
    Stopping by from Friday Friend and Follow to say hello.
    Have a great weekend!

  10. I'm very anti-facial. The only man who is still sexy with facial hair to me is Johnny Depp :)

  11. the glitter nail looks so cute on you! you definitely pull it off well! :)

  12. happy weekend to you and v, cami!! ohh, i love your nails and the idea of the glitter on one nail! i may have to try it!! ;)

    i do love guys with a little scruff. sometimes even a lot...not santa clause or anything haha
    when steve shaves his "beard" off, i cry a little lol

    hope you're having a great one!!
    tons of love xoxo

  13. im with you, a little stubble is hot :-P

    i really love that color, and the one glitter nail-so fun!

  14. love that color!!

    and a little stubble is definitely hot!!

  15. i had glitter nails too! yours are so cute.

  16. yay! love that color on you! =) i like my guys pretty clean shavin' but I loooove when Mychael has that 5 o'clock shadow, rawr, sexy!

  17. Very cute nails! (:

    I think I like clean-shaven. Body hair grosses me out!


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