Macro Greens

A couple weeks ago I blogged about receiving a sample of a product at work. Some of you asked me to review it, so - your wish is my command! ;)

It's a Macro Greens Apple Lemon Ginger Bar...

Sounds pretty intriguing, right? "Raw Anti-Oxidant Super Food" Sounds pretty SUPER to me.

It sure tasted super, too! You could literally taste every single ingredient in it...dates, brazil nuts, dried much yumminess & healthiness in every bite!

Take a look at what it looks like...

Looks kind of...odd? BUT SO GOOD.

So healthy -

A list of all ingredients:

Doesn't it sound like just an amazing blend of HEALTH?

The only down fall is that if you order them from the company's website, they're $3/bar. They're delicious - but with that price, I'm going to save these delicious snacks until I get rich! ;) (At least to eat on a consistent basis...if I see them at a store, for about $2, I'll grab one because it was seriously super delicious!)

Until then, I'm going to keep eating cost-efficient ways.


  1. That's crazy all those ingredients are in that little bar!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Cami! Believe it or not, my regimen takes about ten minutes. That's because I don't always use the sun screen if I've used my moisturizer that's got the SPF, I only use the exfoliator once a week and sometimes I skip the freshening lotion if I'm in a hurry. BTW, I like this bar you have here. I'm always on the look out for a tasty and healthy snack (Read: Not chocolate) so thanks for sharing! x

  3. I'm always looking for new health bars and these look delicious! But holy moly, $3 per bar is craziness. I will have to hold off until i'm rich tooo!

  4. They look good to me! And all the nutrients...that's awesome they are all packed into that tiny bar!
    It's amazing how much money it can be to eat healthy sometimes, but it is worth it!

    Awesome find!



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