Canada Trip?

Ok so currently, the weather forecast says it's going to be 82* for the next 7 days (at least.)

Yesterday it seemed to be MUCH warmer than that - to me anyway! I was sweating up a storm.

This wonderful weather has reminded me that I haven't been on a vacation since last May when V & I went on a beautiful, wonderful cruise. I am thinking I want to go on another cruise - any thoughts? I want a really great deal!!

BUT since it's only the beginning of March and it's already this hot - I almost want to go to Canada. If we got on a trip in May - it's going to be so hot!! So, I've been looking at Calgary apartments for rent for fun...

I've never been to Canada...I hear it's beautiful...we could soak up some of the Canadian culture.

In all seriousness, I know Canada won't happen - but, it's a nice thought when I go grocery shopping and am sweating going from my car to inside. ;)

Any wonderful cruise options you gals have heard of?

P.S. Mingle with Meg & I!


  1. Canada - YES! CALGARY- YES! I live there!!! :)

  2. Lol...I know what you mean! I got a feeling that summer is going to be rough!

    I don't know much about cruises, I've heard that they have some to Alaska. I never wanted to go there until I saw The Proposal. It was so beautiful!

  3. I really want to take this cruise from Miami that goes to Jamaica and an island off the coast of Haiti. It's Royal Caribbean! I've done cruises from Tampa and Port CAnveral before. The Bahamas are fun and so, so cheap -- as in the cruise to get there was barely 200.

  4. Awww, I LOVE the heat down here! So much better than it being so cold it hurts up north! But Canada in May will be perfect weather. It shouldn't be too hot or too cold, perfect weather for site seeing.

    Cruises are one of our favorite ways to travel! I just make sure and stay hydrated, and we book a lot of water based excursions such as snorkeling, river tubing, days at the beach, parasailing, etc.. hands down our favorite cruise was the southern caribbean cruise out of San Juan. But living in FL has the perks of just driving to a cruise port and not needing to fly. Very convenient! Keep us posted on what you guys decide.

  5. I wanted to check out Canada in january when we vacationed, but hubs wasn't in the mood for lots of snow. We hit up seattle instead and had a wonderful time. Canada is still on my list of must sees.

  6. Carnival Cruises are always great for me!

  7. I've never been to Canada either, but I've been dying to go to BC to snowboard.

    We are cruise shopping right now for the summer so keep me posted if you find any good deals!

  8. ohhh, we have so much in common! steve and i want to go to canada this year too! i have never been.
    it looks so pretty and like so much fun!
    we went on a cruise to the bahamas. we left right out of miami and it was mega cheap. this was about 4 years ago.
    i can't wait to see what you choose!
    maria <3

  9. I love Canada! Niagara Falls is GORGEOUS!!! (The American side isn't that great, though.) I've been to Canada more times than I can remember since it isn't very far from where my grandparents live in NY...where I'm originally from. :-)


  10. I think Canada would be awesome to visit! I've only ever been to Niagara Falls and I was really little then. I think you should go for it :)


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