This Is Where I Draw the Line...

There are always relationship quirks - no matter the type of, sister, cousin, mother, father, significant other, etc.

I think there's the most with a significant other - especially when you live with them.

I can tolerate leaving crumbs after eating a sandwich and hair from the razor on the bathroom counter. I can even tolerate playing video games.

But you know what I can absolutely not tolerate? Yes, the gal from First Day of My Life actually has some aggravations & pet peeves.

This song -

That song makes me cringe. Seriously.

It is so annoying.

V will be killing people on the game...boom boom, bang bang. No big deal. But then...he is texting on his phone for a little bit or waiting for a new game to come up and let me tell you - I cannot stand this song.

If I don't mute it, I will go crazy.

Does anyone else feel my pain? Who else is pretty tolerant of video gaming but when it comes to a particular theme song, you lose it?

I sure hope I'm not alone...


  1. We don't do video games in our house, so I can honestly say I don't even know this song:)

  2. We don't play war games on our Wii, but V and I play Mario Kart...a lot. The theme music for it grates my nerves when it's on a loop. For instance, say Vance goes to walk the dogs and I'm sitting on the couch waiting for him to come back for another round. I MUST mute it or I will throw something at the TV. So annoying!


  3. P.S. I just listened to that vid you posted. OMG..annoying as well!

  4. Unfortunately, I know that "song" all too well *sigh* boys...

  5. I totally know what you mean! I hate that sounds and the shooting sounds. Terrible. Oh men!

  6. Yikes! I don't like those games.

  7. I feel this way about just about any of them. I also hate dvds that have music playing on the main screen. I have to mute it. lol

  8. LOL -- I remember the video game days all too well, although in my case it was the "music" of Madden and other sports games.

    HEY. Know how I cured that problem? We had a baby. No more time for video games! :) Just a thought... ;)

  9. Hahaha, I know exactly what you are talking about! Worst noise EVER!

  10. haha the sad thing is, I know this theme song well! Boys and their silly video games I swear!

  11. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! cami, i am laughing so hard right now!! omygoodness, i wasn't sure what the song was going to be, and then i turned on your video and busted out in laughter!!
    i hear this song in my sleep. steve will be across from me and i will be on my laptop and usually after a few mins, i tell him i might have to put my fist through the tv if he doesn't put on headphones!! hahahaha
    i feel your pain, pretty lady!!
    maria <3

  12. I. Feel. Your. Pain. I HAAAAAATE that one the most. But most "lobby" music is annoying to me. The hub's xbox currently has the red ring of death(oh darn!) so I have a break from all of the noise!


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