Life is to Enjoy

Sometimes you get so caught up in life - work, relationships, working out, cooking, cleaning, etc. that you really just need to take a moment, relax, and enjoy.

You get so caught up in it all until (usually) something tragic happens and you remind yourself of what really matters.

So this post is to remind you to take a second of your day and think about what makes you happy. If it's your job, great! But remember - you are not your job. You never know what might possibly happen...if you take your job out of the equation - what would you have left? Those things are what matters.

For me, the beach makes me happy. Truly happy. It is so full of beauty & life.

What are your happy thoughts?


  1. Yowzers! That man of war washed up on the beach reminds me of the one we found in Daytona last year.

    But yes.. the beach is one of my happy places too! You just can't beat the relaxing sound of the waves and the wind in your face.

  2. Great pics! Today I am happy, because I finished all of my current orders this weekend. I know that hubs is off of work tomorrow and I get to spend some time with him. I am going to my parents this weekend, and I haven't seen my dad since January!

  3. I want to go to the beach so badly...and not the Jersey shore beaches I want to go to Miami or Siesta Key where the waters so clear you can see to the bottom...ahhhhh...will smith did know what he was talking about remember that rap? have an awesome day and thanks for the reminder you are not your is more than labels. have an awesome week!

  4. I was JUST having this conversation with my husband! I told him that even though this move brought on sooo many more working hours for him... on his days off we NEED to enjoy life outside our home. Our life here is NOT work, homework, and sleep. We need to enjoy God's beauty TOGETHER!
    You are so sweet:) Loved this post!

  5. Love your picture of the beach! I feel like I want to see the beach soon!! :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  6. The beach is one of my favorites too! Its just so realizing and beautiful!

  7. Mmmm...I'm right there with you! The beach never ceases to make me happy! Right now, what makes me happy? Working in my back yard/garden and getting letters from my husband! I live for those. And my garden work has become my healing place. I can never work outside without thinking about how beautiful it is, and how amazing God is for creating it!

    ~ Elle @ Barefoot and Beautiful

  8. I'm not a good relaxer! It always feels like there's just one more thing to do. Thanks for the reminder to keep it all in perspective and remind ourselves what's important. For me, my family is what makes me the happiest and unfortunately they're kind of the first to suffer when I get wrapped up on to-do stuff. So it's extra important to make sure I pay them attention :)

  9. love this post! i am in need of some beach time soon!

  10. Did you take that picture of the jellyfish? That's awesome!

  11. your photos are makes me want to take a walk on that beach right calming and pretty! ahh, i couldn't agree more...a job to me, is such a very small part of who i am. it's what matters at the end of the day. it's the little things that truly are the important things in life <3
    you have a beautiful heart, cami!
    thank you for all your kindness and support, pretty lady!
    have a wonderful tuesday!

  12. Cami, one thing that I love about your blog is when I read it, I feel like you are writing it TO ME! You are so genuine and always so right on the money...the beach truely is one of the most beautiful, peaceful, happiest places! I hope the tragedy you mention is not from experience but rather just a reference. I am one of the more fortunate people I'd say who LOVE my job but t the end of the day, it's going home an spending time with my husband and kids that make me the happiest girl in the world!

    Thanks for another great post!! God is SO great, and I am thankful to have a friend like you!

    - T.

  13. So true! I need to learn to do that more.


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