Thankful Thursday, 4.12.12


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It amazes me how many of you have been participating in Thankful Thursday! It warms my heart :)

I was recently listening to a local Christian radio station I usually listen to on my way to work one day this week - they mentioned a study that those who continue through trials with a positive, upbeat, thankful attitude in life, they are likely to have a successful recovery after surgery. No, not all of us are going through surgery but it speaks a lot to one's mental health, I think!

With that...I am thankful for...

I know I mentioned it before - but I truly am grateful for all of you who participate in Thankful Thursday!

All of the reviews I have been blessed enough to do lately. They are so fun! They make me feel like I am apart of something big!

Last minute plans. We're heading to Atlanta on Friday for the Steeplechase. (Think: Kentucky Derby) Should be a fun time! (Especially because I get to get dressed up!;)

My amazing Twitter friends who helped me on Wednesday decide on which dress to wear! (Thank you ALL!!:)

Being able to go to the Grand Opening of a local bakery...

My kitty! Happy Sweet 16! (We found him 16 years ago on Easter Sunday! He was probably 2 at the time...but I'll still call it his Sweet 16...

Flowers at home...they make me smile...and brighten home up!

Finding sunglasses on the beach...they're kinda big and VERY scratched up...but still fun!

Yummy "afternoon pick me ups" at work!

Beautiful weather on Easter Sunday!

V + I

Sister + I

Yes - if you're friends with me on Instagram, you've probably seen some of these photos already. Hehe. ;) Follow me! cbilly!


  1. Hello Cami, It is kind of late but I will have a busy day tomorrow so I am wishing you a happy Thankful Thursday. Your Sweet 16 kitty is soooo cute. I love the photo of both of you.

    We too had beautiful Easter Day weather in Florida. I am thankful to be home though. Flowers always brighten my day as well.

    Have a wonderful time in Atlanta. Warning...the traffic is awful. Give yourselves an extra hour "at least" where ever you go to get to your destination. Also, traffic going North after Easter is very heavy. Delays are common. Again, give yourselves 'lots' of time and you won't be stressed out. I hope I haven't discouraged you dear Cami. Atlanta is a fabulous place to visit. My sister lives there and loves Atlanta.
    Blessing for a safe journey.
    Love, Jeanne

  2. yay for local bakeries.. mmmm! soo delish!

    omgoodness, love that you have an 16-18 year old kitty too. One of my kitties is the same age, about 18. Lucky kitties!

    Have fun in ATL, love getting dressed up.

    Oh, and yes, we had some glorious weather here in Florida this past weekend.

  3. Hi!! Following from black tag diaries thankful thursdays linkup. Soo glad I found your blog too! :) That is a really neat fact about positive attitudes and recovery. It does make a big difference for how we handle trials and hard things in life! And even day to day. I had a moment like that today. Not surgery by any means but one of those parenting moments that are very messy and you can choose to either yell or laugh. i chose to laugh. It made it so much easier to deal with it! Perspective is everything! Thank you for the reminder!
    Wow.. what a gorgeous beach. Ahh.. I am jealous!! Nothing like our pebbly beaches here in Washington state! Still beautiful!! But ohh the sand and blue water.. ahh... Starbucks pick-me-ups are the best!! My fave are the creme fraps. So good! (especially the green tea with blackberry!) Happy Thursday Cami!!


  4. oh man when I woke up it was 45 degrees today your beach pics make me so jealous! but not mad....just anxious to go to the beach...I freaking love florida! have a great rest of your week you upbeat, positive person!

  5. love the pics. Wow....that cat is 16!!!! He's sooo cute. how you share your fun life....and your awesome thankfulness. Have a great day out shine.

  6. Ooh, can't wait to hear about your trip to Atlanta. I LOVE last minute trips!

  7. Aw, your kitty is so cute!! And have fun in the ATL!!

    Jayme @ HLNC

  8. We had beautiful Easter weather too!
    Happy born day to Kitty! 16, wow! <3 and spontaneity is good! :) Thanks for hosting every week!!

  9. what great things to be thankful for!

  10. Sounds like you have an exciting weekend coming up! Hope you guys have a blast!

  11. I love your list of things to be thankful for! Love the beach pics!! Thank you so much for linking up with me again today! I appreciate it as always!

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