Wednesday Secret

I have a confession, you guys.

I met Frank Warren from Post Secret.

Myself, Frank Warren, and my 2 BFF's ;)
Aren't they gorgeous?

Frank came to talk to at Stetson a couple of years back. I think I had already graduated and I just came back to hang out with my girls & listen to his talk. 

Honestly, I can't remember what we talked about specifically. But it was a great lecture, I remember that.

I also remember that Frank was incredibly kind and very warm when we met him.

It really isn't important what was said but the memories that were made. I can officially say I met him with these two lovely ladies. This is a story that I will have with me forever. I won't be talking about specifically what was said - but the amazing time the 3 of us had (and all of the other adventures we've had.)

Try to remember that the next time you have an opportunity to make a memory...make one!

Back on target, have you met any famous people? (I have a couple more I can add!)


  1. I haven't met any famous people - so jealous! :)

  2. How awesome!!! I met those guys from Dancing With the Stars, but this is pretty awesome :)

  3. Very cool! I've never met anyone famous - maybe one day!

  4. How exciting! :)

    Well.. you know I recently met Dwight Howard! :-D

    I've also met Hedo and JJ Reddick from the Magic as well. I've also met Terry Crews (actor) and a bunch of random Real World people from when they do the college tours. It's been a while since college so they're the ones from back in the day. I met Trishelle from Las Vegas, Landon, Shavonda and 2 others from Philly (can't remember their names lol), and Steve-O from Jackass.

  5. Oh awesome! I love post secret!

  6. oh cami, that is so awesome!! i have that book. it's sitting right under our coffee table...i love that you got a picture too :)
    i've met daisy fuentes (served her) and paula abdul (almost served her lol)
    you're right...never miss a chance to make memories <3


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