Juice Bar!

Thank you all for your support and prayers with Camille's Juice Bar!

I appreciate them so much.

I'm just getting started - decorations are sparse, but until I get going & know what it's going to be like, I'm going to keep it simple!

Any ideas or tips you might have - I'd love to hear! :)

I am learning what recipes I have on the menu that the public enjoys & ones that they are steering clear from.

I would love for you to follow along with me on my journey by following Camille's Juice on Facebook :)

Again, thank you for your love, support, & prayers...it means the world to me! <3


  1. That's a good idea to keep it simple and test out the market to see what people will like. Best of luck cutie!

  2. Looks awesome! And I love the name. ;D

  3. It looks great! I would definitely just take suggestions from what the market says!

  4. Yay! So excited for you!


  5. This is so awesome! :D
    All the best of luck Cami <3

  6. So excited for you!

    I like that you are keeping it simple and learning what your customers like. The only idea I had is that if you wanted to get some more decorations, you can do so really cheap at places like the dollar tree. They have a lot of Hawaiian/luau themed stuff for summer, so it would be a great time to check that out, if you are interested. :)

  7. Ahhh Cami, I missed a post somewhere and didn't know you were doing this!!! Soooo exciting :-D Congrats girl!!

  8. Cami, first I must say that you are adorable! Secondly, I am in love with your sign!! I love the cleanliness of it....simple, straight to the point and LOVE the coloring. I could see your juice bar with those "tropical fruit" hanging lights (like Christmas light style).

    Take care friend!!
    Love -T



  9. omygoodness, you're so cute!
    this is going to take you places, cami! i'm thrilled for you!!
    man, i know i just said it, but i WISH i could come to your bar and order a few cups of juice! :)


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