Thankful Thursday, 5.24.12

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Being thankful makes your heart + soul happy...

I'm thankful for for so many blessings...

-happy 300 posts to me!
-beautiful flowers...just because :)
-chapstick that is spf 50 that doesn't taste like sunscreen! #lipshield365
-my old man friend bringing me licorice at work...yum! He is so sweet!
-a friend having a healthy pregnancy thus far!
-the above friend having a fun baby shower last weekend...corny baby shower games are totally the best
-sea turtle season! There have been tons of sea turtle nests all about. Hopefully we'll see one this season...
-3 day weekend this weekend...yes pleeeeease! 
-Memorial weekend clothing sales too...crossing my fingers for some nice deals!
-completing a Facebook page for Camille's Juice bar :)
-amazing support for my new venture <3
-having lunch with a boardie in St. Augustine over the past weekend...what an amazing friend & a fun time <3

 -some great beach time + beautiful beach walks...

-lovely visits with Jake :) (parents' doggie!) 

-finding a new favorite snack...oh myyyy goodness...tastes like heaven!! 3 of my favorite things...granola, dark chocolate, coconut...doesn't get much better than that :) 

What are my loves thankful for?

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  1. mmm that new snack looks delish!

    yay for baby sea turtles... its my dream to see them hatching one year!

  2. Great list of things to be thankful for! I second the beach...but also add my family, having just come back from a family reunion.

  3. Love the beach. I'm not regretting moving here from the burbs of sydney with the beach down the street. I will often drive down the road by the beach to get home sometimes just to look out on the ocean. So calming.

  4. Happy 300 posts! And good luck with your juice bar opening!!

  5. That juice bar sounds exciting! Okay it's official... I have to come to St. Augustine now ;) I LOVE That bar too!!! IT's soooo yummy and almost too yummy to be good for you too! almost... LOL Hope you have a wonderful three day weekend!!

  6. love Kashsi stuff...dark ch. coconut...yum! That's awesome for the support you're getting in your new venture. Love that. 300 posts!!!! congrats. Hope you find some awesome finds at that sale. Have a great Thursday......

  7. Dark chocolate cocnute sounds delicious !!!
    Linking in from TT with Kate - have the best Friday ever.

  8. So many blessings! Hope you enjoy your three day weekend!

  9. That yellow tank looks great on you. Awww sea turtles, that would be awesome to see. Hope you have a fantastic long weekend and find some great deals shopping! Thanks for the link up!

  10. congratulations on 300 posts...that's so exciting! yellow is a beautiful color on the top with always make me wish i was on a beach...and honestly, i find myself to be a winter/fall girl...but you make me want to be a summer girl :)
    great tan as always!

    i hope you enjoy shopping, some great bargains and a wonderful extended weekend with the ones you love, cami.
    i'm thankful for hope, for faith that never ends, and for beautiful people as yourself who are kind and supportive and always can make me see light at the end of the day. thank you, sweet friend.

    maria <3

  11. Sounds like a great time for you this past week. Have a wonderful day :)

  12. Congrats on 300 posts lady!!

  13. So excited about your new business venture!

    Congrats on 300 posts!

    I would love to see some cute sea turtles. That would be one of the best things about living near the beach!

  14. Happy, happy, simple joys!! Thanks for sharing!


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