Swap into Spring Swap!!

Blog swaps are SO much fun, aren't they?

I always enjoy them :) What I enjoy the most is getting to know my swap friend!

I was paired up with Miss Nichole! Nichole is just so sweet, beautiful, and fun! Also, she lives in Florida so a blogger meet-up is a must - at least at some point!

What was too funny was the fact that when I got my Swap into Spring package in the mail, I thought I accidentally got the wrong package - we literally pretty much almost got each other the same items! I was laughing when I was opening mine up - I guess we are soul sisters...or something! ;)

She gave me this adorable card...I just love the saying -
(and what she wrote inside was just so sweet:)

Look at all of these goodies...I think she spoiled me! ;)

 2 shopping list sized note pads
a notebook/journal (on right hand side)
3 adorable pens (I already have the other one in my purse!)
2 nail polishes (pink & pink sparkles)
a Burt's Bees mango chapstick (not only is Burt's my fav, but so is mango!)
a Cliff bar (YUM!)
a Luna bar (double YUM!)
a $5 giftcard to Starbucks

Did she spoil me - or what? THANK YOU, NICHOLE <3

The notebook is already my new "to do" list keeper! And the 2 shopping lists are already on my fridge at home.

You have such a beautiful heart, Nichole. I've enjoyed getting to know you and look forward to getting to know you more :)

If you've never done a blog swap before, I highly recommend it - they are so fun!


  1. Blog Swaps are so much fun! a a great way to meet new friends. You were spoiled, but my friend you deserve to be... wishing you a fabulous and blessed week! Hugs, C. (HHL)

  2. Wow looks like fun and you got some amazing stuff! Have a great Monday!

  3. You got some great stuff lady!!! I love blog swaps - so fun!

  4. Yay!! Glad you liked! I loved my goodies sooo much ;)

  5. You got such good stuff!! I love the idea of a blog swap!

  6. She did good! :) Thanks for participating girl!

  7. Ohhh, so much fun stuff, Cami! What a sweet friend! I love how thoughtful she was with all the gifts!
    Glad you had a nice surprise!
    I love mail!
    I hope your week is off to a great start!

  8. I love swaps and you look like you got some great goodies!


  9. Nice! She did a great job! :)

  10. Yayyy! What a great package! I'm so glad you had a good time <33


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