Zombie Apocalypse?

Maybe it's because I live in Florida - where the Miami "zombie attack" happened Memorial Day weekend...but there is so much talk that a zombie apocalypse is going on. For those of you who don't know...a man ate another man's face off. The man who was munching on a face was only able to be stopped after being shot five times. (Allegedly, the man was under the influence of bath salts.)

I'm not one of those zombie fans who goes crazy when there's something that can be claimed as a zombie attack.

But you can't deny how crazy these situations are...

First - weekend of May 28, a man eats another man's face. (Scenario described above.)

Two days later, a man in New Jersey stabbed himself in the neck, legs, and abdomen with a twelve inch knife...he threw pieces of his intestines to police who were called to the scene. Police were only able to make him stop by the use of pepper spray  (This man has a psychiatric history.)

On June 1, a 21 year old man allegedly ate the heart and brain of his roommate. The suspect's family called the police when they found human body parts in the basement.

WEIRD stuff...right?

What are your thoughts...zombie or just plain weird (and gross!) ?


  1. Not that it's ever awesome when someone gets their face eaten off or when someone eats their roommate, but it was pretty comical when the CDC felt it necessary to release a statement that these were NOT zombie attacks. You think maybe we're a bit of a zombie-obsessed culture? :)

  2. Not sure if this is really the beginning or not, but it wouldn't hurt for all of us to watch Zombieland again, and go over all the rules! Especially double tap....always double tap!

  3. hahaa those are the best comments ever. I live in south FL so Ive heard all about this. That weekend I was at the beach and people were dressed as zombies. WTF

  4. I'm over zombies. Can we go back to sparkly vampires?

  5. Crazy! people are insane! Bath salts ... really? I had heard somebody talking about some of them and honestly I thought they were kidding.

  6. I'm gonna go with just plain gross.

    I saw this graphic earlier that said, "Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my bath salts, your face looks tasty." So wrong yet funny...

  7. Maybe we should go back to the "this is your brain on drugs" commercials! That would be a prime example, so you don't eat peoples faces off! Scary craziness!

  8. Oh goodness. Now I remember why I avoid the news. That is just completely disgusting. The zombie apocolypse theory might hold water. I'm a little scared.

  9. My coworkers and I were talking about all this weird stuff yesterday. It's crazy how it's all happening at once!

  10. These stories are so disturbing!

    I'm not a fan of horror and gore, so these real-life stories make me feel uneasy. :/

  11. And this is the reason why my husband and I watch zombie movies and shows... because when the zombie sh*t hits the fan we'll know how to survive! Oh yeah!

  12. omygoodness, cami, i am cracking up and in shock at the same time. i heard about the bath salts guy, but not the others. i'm going to have to share this with steve.
    that e card made me LOL.
    it's funny, bc i've been thinking a lot about zombies lately. we just finished watching the first two series of "walking dead" on amc. have you watched it? honestly, i was skeptical...but when steve introduced me to the first episode, i was instantly hooked. and now we have to wait until fall for the third season. the story line is so good...not just about zombies.

    wow...some people are absolutely out of their mind!
    thank you so much for sharing this.

    i hope you and v are having a wonderful night, pretty lady!

  13. okay, just read it to steve...i am SHOCKED all over again. LOL

  14. ok, you've just ispired us to watch "zombie land" hahaha <3


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