Thankful Thursday, 8.23.12


I am thankful for...

-starting to get the hang of my new job!

-getting out of a potentially bad situation before it happened (with helping my old job out...)

-starting a Fall Favorites Swap with Anna! Super excited for it...don't forget to join in!

-starting a North East Florida Blogger Meet-up with Hannah...been wanting to do that for a while!

-being blessed with my five senses to enjoy the complete beauty of this...

-going to a Bridal Expo with my mom & sister over the weekend. It is so overwhelming...but so much fun! We had a blast. All of the vendors treat you so good, too.

-speaking of over the weekend, my parents took us out to celebrate our engagement to Stonewood. Yum and so much fun!

-making fun salads...

-being able to celebrate my in-law's 30th anniversary with them at a surprise was so beautiful being able to celebrate that

-finding my new "home" nail salon...a little more expensive (only by five dollars) but SO worth it...wish I could take each of you there!

This list has made me feel so blessed & so happy. I hope writing your own list does the same for you :)


  1. So, so happy for you dear! You truly have so much to be thankful for. *hugs*

  2. glad to hear the new job is going so well! can't wait to hear how your wedding plans come along!! going to check out the details on your fall favorites swap now!! happy thursday cami! xoxo

  3. I remember going a a bridal expo when I was planning the wedding. You're right, it is overwhelming at times. There were so many vendors, but we walked out with so much information and used a lot of the vendors we met. It was fun! I hope your wedding planning is going well :)

  4. Hey Cami....awesome list.. and glad you got out of that bad situation before it blew into something big. Five senses to enjoy life...yeahhhh. me too. Have a great one out there. You rock.

  5. Oh I can almost smell the beach from that pictures! Glad the new job is going well! Happy Thursday thanks for the linkup!

  6. Glad things are going so well for you lately! :D

  7. Hi Cami, Great post! Thank you for hosting Thankful Thursdays. I am now a new follower!

  8. I always love your lists, Cami :) And I can't wait to hear more about your wedding planning ;)

    Hope everything is GREAT and that life is FANTASTIC! <3

  9. Ooo! I never went to a bridal expo when I was planning- they seemed so overwhelming! I feel like I would have more fun at one now that I'm not planning anything.

  10. Pedicures are always better when they wrap your legs and feet with those hot towels, right?! :) looks wonderful!
    And so does that salad...I have been craving salads so much lately!
    Glad you're getting the hang of your job and getting to spend time with the loves in your life!

  11. Hey Cami I love the new look of your blog! brightens up my day! I'm very happy about your engagement and I hope that you have many more happy years together.


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