Thankful Thursday, 8.30.12

Share some Thankful love...

I am thankful for...

true love :)

encouraging friends

a job with amazing hours

feeling sore after a workout

being told I made a yummy dinner (and make the best eggs for breakfast and the most amazing wrap for lunch)

a three day weekend!

wedding dress shopping this weekend!!!

being told I'm missed at the gym

sunshine after days after days of rain from Hurricane Isaac

having a fun weekend last weekend out of town

celebrating V's parents 30th anniversary on Sunday

even if I am so bad lately with responding to e-mails and visiting blogs - you all seem to guys are the best & I am so thankful for your love & support <3


  1. I'm going dress shopping for the first time on Monday! EEEEK so excited!!

  2. Great loves. Yay for wedding dress shopping!!

  3. Great loves. I am so thankful for encouraging friends too. Have fun wedding dress shopping!! <3

  4. Dress shopping!! So exciting! And oh, my goodness, three day weekend. I totally need this!!

  5. YOu have to send me dress shopping pics!!!! I can't wait to hear how it goes!! Wishing you luck finding one that is just the right one!! Ahh yay for 3-day weekends!! Enjoy!!!

  6. Sounds like things are all falling into place! Great list! Happy Thursday!

  7. Yay for dress shopping! Hope you find "the one" :) And yay for long weekends. We are planning on heading to the beach this weekend and couldn't be more excited! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, sweetie.

  8. you totally shine..hope you know that. I love your grateful sweet spirit. Yeahh on the wedding dress shopping and feeling totally loved....

  9. So many things to be thankful for! So happy for you! :)

    Love that photo!

  10. Have a wonderful time shopping for your wedding dress! So exciting!

  11. I love the picture, it's so hopeful. :) I hope you all weathered the storm well. Yay for wedding dress shopping, how exciting!!

  12. Hi! you should follow back at :)

  13. i hope you had tons of fun wedding dress shopping, cami!
    i love the rainbow photo!!
    hope your weekend was a great one. <3


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