September 10-4

I love meeting new bloggy friends! I came across 10-4 from the beautiful Noel and thought I'd join in...

It's 10 questions to answer so you can get to know me more ;)

1) Do you listen to Pandora? What is your go-to station?
I usually just have on "worship music" or "Hillsong" or "David Crowder Band." At the gym I have on "Cartel" or my same ol' worship music. Ha! How exciting am I!

2) What is your favorite post from August?
I SAID YES is most definitely my favorite August post. ;)

3) What non-cartoon TV show reminds you of your childhood?
TV land shows! Like the Munsters, Brady Bunch, I Dream of Jeannie, I Love Lucy...I could go on and on!

4) What bad habit do you have that even annoys YOU?
Cracking my knuckles. I can't help myself! Planning too much in advance that I'm not enjoying the present.

5) What five things would you take with you if your house was on fire? People don't count...hopefully, that's a given.
My Bible, handful of memorable photos, my Macbook, my iPhone (since it has turned into my camera!), and my family book of recipes. (Most of my sentimental things aren't at my I got away with a lot not included on the list!;)

6) Do you have a cleaning schedule that you use to keep up with your housework?
No not particularly. Usually all the cleaning happens on the weekends, Saturday. Now with football season starting, it'll be Saturdays for the next few months!

7) What was your high school mascot? 
A bulldog!

8) What is your favorite picture from August?
I can't pick just one...

9) What do you love most about fall?
Less humidity...PRETTY HAIR! ;) Means I can straighten it! Also cute clothes that come along with cooler weather...scarves, boots, etc. Not dripping with sweat whenever I step outside. Chia tea lattes & peppermint hot chocolates. Chili and soup in the crock pot!

10) Tell me about your dream cupcake.
It would go a little something like this...dark chocolate as the cake, peanut butter in the middle, and peanut butter flavored icing. The icing would be airy and full of flavor. My mouth is drooling! Oh maybe even a small peanut butter cup on top. Ahh...yes pleaseeeee!


  1. Ok, I'm super way behind in blogs but you're ENGAGED!? AHHH! So exciting! Congrats darling! :)

  2. Congratulations on your engagement! What a fun story. It sounds like chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting is a popular choice! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Yay Cami ... A HUGE congratulations to you on your engagement that is AWESOME!! I LOL'd about your reasons for liking Fall you Florida girl. I have been to Florida twice, once in the early spring which was nice, still really warm, and then once at the beginning of the Summer months when I said I would never go back. Because me and humidity do NOT mix.

  4. Oh totally agree, the lack of humidity is always welcome! I love the colors in the trees and the crisp morning air! Love it! Happy Time for you! Congrats!!!

  5. Fall is so wonderful and romantic!! And I love the clothes for that time of year!
    Now I want a pb chocolate cupcake! Steve just asked what I want to do for dinner and now I am thinking abt dessert. :)


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