Thankful Thursday, 9.13.12

Ok since work has pretty much taken over my life...

I've started blogging for work, too. (Yay!)

I'm going to do a Thankful for Work post this week...add why you're thankful for your job to your list :)

I'm thankful for a lot of things - as you all know. This week I'm focusing on why I'm thankful for my job...

I'm thankful that super busy days mean it flies by so quickly that I'm home before I know it!

I'm thankful for the amazingly nice people who call in & are complete gems...the ones who make me giggle. I am so thankful for those people! They over-ride the meanies.

I'm thankful I even have a job! My county has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Florida. Thank you, Jesus, for my wonderful job!

I'm thankful I get along with all of my co-workers...makes the day that much better.

I'm thankful that instead of having to drive to the post office from work to check the mail, I can walk. What a nice little walk it is, too! Gotta love fresh air :)

I'm thankful that my job is literally a two minute drive from my house. Woohoo!

I'm thankful that my job gives me the opportunity to contribute to the family fund.

I'm thankful that there is a cute dog who keeps us company in the office all day! (My co-workers pup!)

What are you thankful for because of your job?


  1. Surprise Cami, I am happily linking to your thankful post. I am so glad your job give you a feeling of thankfulness. So many people do not like their jobs.

    I do not work but you will see that I am looking towards fall and making soup for supper. I brought out my little thank you dishes to make my dinner thankful and special.

    Have a thankful day.
    Blessings and love

  2. have a totally great day out there..

  3. I'm so glad that your job is working out so well for you! You are right, now it's a blessing to just have a job. I'm thankful for mine as well. Oooooh and company pets are so cool :) Enjoy your day!

  4. I love this hop! This week, I am grateful for the beautiful weather, for the sense of family and getting together. Have a great weekend and thanks for hosting.

  5. Cami, I am thankful for your sweet blogging friendship and for your precious heart! I am always blessed when I read your posts! Have a wonderful day.

  6. I'm so glad you're loving your new job! Super jealous of your daily walks to the post office, what a nice little break where you can enjoy the beautifulness that is living in FL :)

  7. Sounds like you made the absolutely right decision in choosing this job! And I won't lie... I'm totally jealous of puppy snuggles at work! :)

  8. So glad you love your job, Cami :)

  9. So happy you enjoy your job! That can sometimes be hard to come by - but it sounds like you've got a great job!

    Spilled Milkshake
    Spilled Milkshake Designs

  10. I'm so happy for you and your new job! I hope everything continues to go well. :)

  11. Two minutes away from home is awesome!! And getting along with co-workers is so big and something to be so thankful for. So glad work is going well for you!!
    I am thankful for my sweet and caring boss...such a wonderful man. And the fact I get to work alone and in peace.


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