Thankful Thursday, 10.25.12


This week I am thankful for many amazing blessings!

The Lord was on our side this week - big time - when someone stole from our hallway. Since we live on the beach, there is usually a random assortment of beachy "toys" just outside of our door. 

We've had a bucket with some fishing bait, a fishing pole, swimming goggles, and more outside of our front door.

When we woke up on Tuesday morning, it was all gone. Thankfully, our bikes were still there! 

Someone also stole from a neighbor.

Nothing too serious or extreme was taken - but it still stinks. And is an invasion of home.

It serves as a reminder that you can never be too careful. I am just so thankful that it wasn't too serious or dangerous at all.

What is it that makes you thankful this week?


  1. That is scary! So glad that it wasn't dangerous or worse for you all too. Thankful you are safe! Have a beautiful rest of the week!!! <3

  2. things can be guys can't. Glad no one was hurt. Stay safe okay.....have a great day out there.

  3. Well that stinks, Cami! It's sad that some people have to be so mean and immature. Glad it wasn't too serious and all are safe!

  4. Good morning Cami, What a shame for something like this to happen. I always say "What goes around, comes around." Your attitude says it all. Forgiveness in itself is a blessing. An invasion like this is shameful and I would watch what you put in temptations way.

    We are in Florida spending a week with each of our daughters and their families. A wonderful time with loved ones is a blessing.
    Have a blessed day in spite of the disappointment you experienced.
    Love, Jeanne

  5. So sorry to hear your house was broken in to. What a blessing that the more expensive items remained.

    Hope you link up this week!

  6. That stinks! At least they didn't take the bikes!!

  7. I am thankful for a couple more dry days to go outside with my daughter before the rainy weather sets in!

  8. It's the principal of the situations, yah know? My father has head the 'ears' of our boat stolen several of times. (Plastic thing you hook to boat when it's out of the water so you can rush out the engine.) I think it happen 2-3 times. Of all things that could have been taken, they took that. This guy took our weed eater with the gas tank and brought it back 2 weeks later. I hope it doesn't happen again!

  9. i'm so sorry, cami!! glad to hear that they didn't take anything more. people can be so crazy. i hope your weekend was better!! sending lots of love!! xoxox

  10. I thought I had already commented on this. I'm sorry, dear! I'm glad you guys are okay!


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