Top 5 Memories of the Week

They added a new one at our favorite new rolls!

2. Being able to straighten my hair. 
Thank you for less humidity, FL!

3. Cuddle time with my sister's roomate's kitty.
He reminds me of my Buddy, who I miss so much </3

4. Surprises! V went on a "man date" with a friend of his in St. Augustine. He came home with some beautiful earrings for me! They're made of sea glass. I love surprises! He even surprised me with them at work. I can't wait to marry him. :)

5. Deep fried ice cream. 
Hello unhealthy. But hello scrumptious!

What are some of your favorite moments of the past week?


  1. Yummy sushi! I've been craving it for a while now! I saw your straight hair pic on Instagram - love it!

  2. That sushi looks awesome...and with jalepenos - even more awesome! I've been craving it all the time! The fried ice cream looks amazing...I used to love that stuff when I woked @ a Mexican restaurant! So sweet of V to surprise you! And you know I love the kitty! :)
    Your hair is so pretty look great with curly or straight!
    Have a sweet day!

  3. You are beautiful, my friend! Those earrings are so pretty! :)


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