Adding Hair Products from Folica on Christmas Lists

I’ll let you in on a little secret – I’m not doing so hot with Christmas shopping this year. Not only do I not have a list, but I also have NO earthly idea what to get anyone. Except some of the ladies, I’m thinking of spoiling them with some type of amazing hair products.

Until recently, I was not familiar with Folica. Folica has over sixty thousand hair products, which includes over three hundred different brands. There are a number of customer ratings and reviews that give the 411 on all of the hottest hair care products. There are also tutorials and suggestions for the “must have” products. (Their Top Ten lists are my favorite!) For someone like me (not well versed in hair styling products) – the set up of the website is incredibly easy to use.

When shopping online, I am interested in the companies that give perks for online shopping (we both know how expensive shipping can get! Until the end of December, Folica is offering all customers the opportunity to win $50 credit to Folica – with all customers winning something! One in every one hundred customers will win the full $50 credit. (A chance to win free money…yes, please!)

Even though it is the season for buying gifts for others – don’t forget to spoil yourself a little, too! As a Christmas gift to yourself, you could find a beautiful new hair flat iron like this:

(what I have my eyes on!) Or maybe your sister is complaining to you about her frizzy hair because she is looking for a new hair product to use! When it comes to hair care, Folica is your source!

As a female who always wants their hair to look the best, we are constantly on the lookout for the hottest new hair products that will make us look like a super star! The customer reviews that are offered make me feel better about my purchase – almost like I’m in the hair salon asking my stylist!

Disclaimer: Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Thanks for sharing, I'll definitely have to check this out! :)

    I'm behind on Christmas shopping too...agh!

  2. Thanks again for sharing, Cami!! Love how slim and sleek the irons are!
    I hope the weather is beautiful and perfect for your engagement photos today! Can't wait to see them!!
    Happy Thanksgiving Eve!


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