Thankful Thursday, 11.15.12


To start, I am thankful that even though we weren't able to get our engagement photos done (crazy Mother Nature in Florida at it's best!) Now they're being rescheduled to next Wednesday...pray for beautiful weather, please! ;) Oh, but V & I were still able to enjoy a nice day together.

The ability to enjoy a delicious home cooked meal over the weekend - usually we're on the go on weekends so it was nice...dinner & a movie!

The ability to share love with all I come across on a daily basis.

A delicious new restaurant in town with some amazing food!

Cute pups! I love visiting pups - since we can't have any where we're at now - I'll go crazy if I don't have the ability to visit them ;)

What's making your list this week?


  1. It must have been a sign to just take it slow with the crazy weather you got. Hope you got to reschedule your engagement photos. You'll have tons of fun with them :) I know I did. Congrats on the engagement.

  2. Great list! Hopefully you'll get those photos done soon! I love trying new restaurants too. :)

  3. I cant get to the linky :( but mine are here
    hope you have a great week!!! linky is working..its just computer here at work has parental controls on :( and all I can do apparently is this way

  4. So much to be thankful for! :) It's the little things.

  5. I will be praying you have wonderful weather for your photos on Wednesday! Can't wait to see them! You are always eating such awesome food!! Glad you had a nice night together.
    Happy weekend :)


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