Wedding Wednesday: Invitations

My goal is to send wedding invitations out by the last week of December and have the RSVP cards due by Feb 1. (The wedding is March 30.) Do you think that time line is ok?

There are SO many options for wedding invitations. Actually, there are too many. Not only all of the option choices but the price is playing a factor for me. I'm having a hard time spending a great deal of money when most people will throw the invitations away.

With that being said, I think I want to go the DIY route! My only real issue is my creativity not melding into something that looks clean, fun, and formal.

I'm going to have a beach theme at the wedding but think I want to go with using my wedding colors for the invitations.

What did you ladies decide to do for your wedding invites?   


  1. Hi Cami! I'm also getting married on March 30th! I was planning on sending my invites out the last week of January and have them due March 2nd. The final number to my cater is due March 21st so that will give me almost 3 weeks for any stragglers. :) I bought my invitations from Delphine Press, after I bought a Groupon for their company! Saved a lot of money. You should also check out Etsy. Hope this helps!

  2. That may be a little early to expect the RSVP's back, but the earlier you say the better because you'll be surprised at hard it is for most people to check "yes" or "no" on a filled out card and send back in a pre-addressed stamped envelope *sigh* lol.

    You're getting soooo close, exciting!!

  3. P.S. I DIY'd our invites with supplies from Cards & Pockets. Let me know if you'd like my DIY planning site again or any tips on how to create invites with Cards & Pockets. They're a fantastic company with an even better customer service department!

  4. I think the time frame is perfect!! We made ours too...well, my bf actually did most of the work...she's super talented. We printed them out and used stamps and glitter...they were simple but pretty. I agree with you...spending tons on something people are going to look at and throw out is hard to do.
    Lots of luck xoxox

  5. I think that is a perfect time frame! Especially because it gives you a little bit to get those late ones back. Cannot wait to see what you decide on!!

  6. I second the Etsy recommendation. It can at least give you ideas and Pinterest is also great for inspiration. :)


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