Pomegranate Blood Bath

Am I the only one who has issues eating a pomegranate? That leaves what looks like a small murder scene in the kitchen?

I know there is an easier way to cut a pomegranate and eat the seeds (I will admit that I only found this way out recently!)

But I have been so accustomed to doing it the messy way.

Maybe next time, I'll give the clean way a try ;)

This is just another reason I like this time of year -


  1. Until about a month ago I had never even eaten a pomegranate! Now that I have, I am bummed I missed out on them for so long haha

    I do the under water method, not a bit of mess!

  2. You have to try that cut in half and whack the seeds out way lol. Am I the only purpose who feels like pomegranate seeds shouldn't be crunchy, and just be juicy and delicious? lol

  3. So funny you posted this bc the other night at the grocery store I contemplated buying one and thought with me and my skills in the kitchen, I would somehow ruin the pomegranate. Lol. You're so cute.

  4. I love pomegranate! But I never buy fresh, sadly because of the mess! What's the secret?!


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