Top 6 (Free) Wedding Fonts

My top six (free!) wedding fonts (handwriting-type fonts) based on how my name and my fiance's name looks together:

Number 1: Pacifico

Number 2: Lavanderia
Number 3: Chopin Script

Number 4: Channel

Number 5: Wisdom Script

Number 6: Cursif

Since these fonts are free, if you use the frequently and 
are able to donate to the font creator, please do so!


  1. I love Lavanderia ... I'm such a font junkie!!!!

  2. I love the Channel font but who doesn't love Channel

  3. Those fonts are beautiful :)

  4. Hi Cami,
    I like number three, Chopin Script. I didn't know you were engaged! When is the big day? There will be so much wedding planning for you coming up. I am so glad Nel is married and a wife now. Wedding preparations are not the same as when I got married. There is alot more to choose from now. Happy days for you, Cami.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  5. I love two and three!! Your names sound so great together!! I hope January has been good to you and that you're enjoying all the wedding preparations!! Thinking of you and sending love! Xoxox


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