Clean Eating

I'm on a mission! A mission to EAT CLEAN!

If you're following me on Pinterest, you can probably tell! I have a board dedicated to clean eating.

Clean eating is NOT a diet - it is a lifestyle. The focus on clean eating is to consume food that is in its most natural state as possible - avoiding processed & refined foods.

It is important to eat five to six times a day - 3 meals & 2-3 small snacks. With each meal, you should consume a lean protein, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and a complex carb. This will help to keep your body energized all day .

It is important to drink a minimum of two liters of water a day. This can get tough for some of you - so throw a lemon in there if you need an extra burst of flavor!

If you're trying to decide what is "clean" and what is not, as far as a packaged product goes...if the ingredient listed is too difficult to read, it's probably not natural.

It's okay to eat healthy fats (essential fatty acids) but saturated fats and trans fats (or food that is fried or high in sugar) are the devil.

If you think it will be difficult to eat clean, make it simple by packing a cooler full of clean food for work or when you go to a friend's bbq.
I'll be honest - it isn't easy - it takes work. You have to eat mindfully, not whatever food is easiest to cook up or eat. You must make a conscious effort to eat clean. I'll tell you - you won't regret it! You feel less "weighed down" and less bloated. But, having an accountability partner will also make eating clean easier. You can share recipes and tips! If you need one in your life, you can count on me! :) 


  1. I have been eating clean for 3 weeks, it's easier now than it was before. I will be sharing a couple things i made later on this week! :)

  2. We are dealing with that with Andrew right now trying to just stick with no gluten to see if it helps how he is acting. It definitely means thinking ahead because it is in so many places out there! It also takes planning because if you aren't thinking ahead, you are likely going to not take it seriously and just skip. which leads to more skipping. You've inspired me moreso :) Thank you :)

  3. You rock, Cami! :) I'm so glad that we are doing this together.


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