Wendy's Offering Free Tea Today!

Wendy's is going organic!

Well...kind of. Today marks the start of their new line of organic tea: Honest tea! There are three choices: tropical green tea, unsweetened tea, and (not too) sweet tea. The tea is brewed in Wendy's kitchens using organic, whole leaf teas.

Each and every person will receive a sample - no purchase necessary. Samples are available until 10pm tonight!

I had the opportunity to try out Honest tea (thank you, guys!) and I can say that I thoroughly enjoy it! Honest tea spoiled me and sent me a glass bottle, organic sweetener (which I didn't even need!), re-usable ice cubes, and of course the tea . The glass bottle is so nifty that I am able to put the organic tea leaves right on top. (There is a little piece on top that lets me seep the tea leaves right there.)

The tea is delicious and refreshing! They've got me hooked on it now.

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