Thankful Thursday, 9.12.13

What a beautiful day today is! There is so much to be thankful for, no matter your circumstance. You might have to dig to find it - but it's there!

I am thankful I live in the land of the free! What a site to see - everyone getting together in unity yesterday - all around the world - all around my town.

I am thankful for a man who was my nurse when I was sick last week - and a pup that never left my side! -my beautiful roses, too :)

I am thankful for this Saturday - I am in a good friends wedding. I'm excited to share her special day with her. I'm also excited to hangout with not only the bride, but my family that day as well - they'll be at the wedding, too!

I am thankful for more time to blog! I've missed it so much.

I am thankful for vacation time in the near future - I am in desperate need of it!

I am thankful for my wonderful husband & friends who make me feel so good and content when I make dinner for them. They are so thankful and they let me know - makes me feel good.

I am thankful that even if I have to wake up early - I have a beautiful view to look at! 

I am thankful for the best kisses ever! ;)

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  1. Awww! I just love your thankful spirit. You are such an encouragement!

    Gorgeous view! And that last pic of you is just lovely! :)


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