What Florida Misses Out On In the Fall...

the beautiful leaves & trees changing colors!

Which means - seasons!

We don't get seasons in Florida. We basically get summer and spring. Yup, that sounds about right.

I am so blessed and happy to have been able to spend some fall days in this:


  1. We definitely get seasons,in the words of a famous comedian we get seasons just not the sh*tty ones :-P

    I definitely notice a difference around here between summer and "fall". Our "fall" is when everyone else is suffering through winter, and we definitely get spring because the flowers start blooming again and the trees that lost their leaves start growing them back. Oh and allergies! lol

    But no... you are definitely right there is nothing like fall in New England, but there's also nothing like winter in New England... yipes!

    I'm so glad you got to go up there for October, did you get to do any of my suggestions?

  2. I would LOOOVE to live in Florida! I hate the winter... but you always want what you don't have I guess!


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