My Little Chewy...

was neutered yesterday - my poor baby!

So that means lots of snuggles...

lots of kisses...

and the oh so dreadful cone...


I wish he could understand me when I explain to him why he has to wear it...instead he just looks at me with those beautiful little eyes.

Please send him happy thoughts & fast healings!


  1. Oh the cone of shame! Poor little chewy... It'll get better buddy!

  2. Hope it goes well for him and he feels better soon!! I have to get Lily fixed soon once she finishes her puppy classes and the only bright side is my vet said that the incision is so small that she won't need a cone!

  3. aww, so precious - such a cute dog. how old is he?

  4. Awe I remember that day!! Broke my heart. Luckily it only last a short time that they are miserable. I feel your pain girl. He is SO cute!!


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