Christmas Wreath: Florida Style

How do you decorate a Christmas wreath in a way that portrays Florida? With seashells? No. With sand? No. With dolphins? No. Made out of bikinis? No.

Okay, so any of the above ways would be accurate.

But, for me - it's none of the above.

V was walking on the beach one morning after a bad storm...instead of coming back with pretty seashells for me, he came back with a base wreath! Perfect time for me to make a Christmas wreath!

It stayed outside for a couple of days before I got around to purchasing the supplies I would need to beautify the wreath.

I wound up decorating the wreath at night. So when I went outside, it was dark. I started to wind ribbon around the wreath.

Then...I screamed. Chewy came running to see if I was okay (V was out playing soccer.)

There was a lizard! On my kitchen table. A lizard!

See him?

After I got my proof and my heeby-jeebies went away, I started to figure out how to get him back outside. Finally, I caught him in a plastic tupperware container. I slid a piece of paper underneath and back he went, into the wild!


So that, my friends, is a Florida style wreath. A) You find the base on the beach. B) A lizard made it into a home for a brief period of time.

It was all worth it, though, because now I have a pretty wreath when you walk in our front door!


Did you make a wreath this Christmas? If so, I would love to see it!

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  1. That lizard wanted I think your weath cane out beautifully and festive! So many cool things about a Florida Christmas! My friend moved to Jensen Beach 2 years ago and it's different but equally as amazing!


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