January 18th Weekend Recap!

Weekends are, obviously, always my favorite. And that's because I get to spend a ton of time with my family and friends, too.

This weekend was full of a couple special occasions - a bridal shower & baptism!

First thing's first...the bridal shower was at a gorgeous beach house that the CEO of the company the bride works for owns. And I mean gorgeous - right on the beach! It was a nice gathering of friends & co-workers.

SUPER cute, right??! I've seen this before & absolutely adore it.

Our "wedding dress" won! Check out that garter ;)

The baptism was for V's god-daughter's brother. There was also a very nice MLK service at the church.

So handsome & so loved!

Can't believe we'll almost be married a year!

Sunday night ended in watching a great movie...if it's past 10pm, though...it usually means bed time for Chewy & I...unfortunately, it doesn't matter how good the movie is or how much I want to see it...

Snuggle time is my favorite! Look at his little tongue!

OH and I was asked to be in the bridal party of my cousin's wedding. Tis the season for weddings! I'm excited to play apart of her big day, as she was in my bridal party as well. I'm off to get the dress sized some time this week. She did a great job on choosing the dress!

How was YOUR weekend?

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  1. Such a fun weekend :)

    And I'm the same way with movies at night... I'm all excited to have a cozy movie night with H and Roxy and next thing you know the credits are rolling and H is laughing at me that I fell asleep for the majority of it. Whoops!

  2. The cupcakes are so cute! I usually can't stay up past 10 either and I'm totally okay with that, haha.

    The Tiny Heart

  3. What an eventful weekend! I adore those cupcakes!

  4. So exciting! I just love weddings! My youngest sister is getting married this year. Can't wait!


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